Oil and Gas Business Ideas by Kay Rieck



Are you interested in starting a business in the oil and gas industry? Here are the best oil and gas business ideas that you can start and become
rich.The oil and gas industry is probably the largest industry in the world.

This single industry is the engine of the economy of some countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Nigeria, etc. and this industry has produced a lot of billionaire entrepreneurs like J. Paul Getty, John. D. Rockefeller, Roman Abramovich,

Almost all the top businessmen and politicians are up to their necks in the oil and gas business. Do you want to work in this industry, then this article is for you. Here is a list of business ideas that you can undertake and seek your financial freedom. Do not forget that to start or set up any business analysis the market, make your work plan and of course your business plan. Where you must determine your target market, the necessary investment (office supplies, supplies and of course labor), the estimated cash flow, the breakeven points, the marketing work, the sales in general. Do not rest until you achieve your goals, always believe in your dreams and do not rest until you achieve them. 

Kay Rieck is  known as a investor and entrepreneur. He began his professional career as a financial advisor and stockbroker on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”).

The following year, he worked as an independent broker on the NYSE, New York Board of Trade, and Chicago Board of Trade in investment banking and asset management. Rieck worked as an independent management consultant in the field of corporate restructuring and reorganization in special circumstances.While working in the stock market, Rieck began to focus more on the oil and gas business. In 2008, he founded the first company in the United States to engage in oil and gas exploration.

These business ideas are much commented and sought to undertake due to the high rate of return and demand today. In addition, because they are easy to assemble and start, it is enough to put the necessary dedication to wait for its proper functioning.

Many industries are losing a lot due to the global Corona 19 pandemic. The energy industry is no exception. Oil, coal, gas, power, and renewable energy all have varying degrees, but are negatively affected. The energy industry, an essential industry, doesn’t seem to have enough money to deal with the fundamental decline in demand due to regional blockades, social distancing, and economic contraction. While not as much as the oil and coal industries, the gas industry is also experiencing an unprecedented decline in volume. Social interest is focused only on fluctuations in oil prices, but gas prices are also experiencing a lot of fluctuations.

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