Key reasons to pursue an MBA with ACCA



Gaining ACCA certification can allow you to become a member of one of the most premium accounting organisations in the world. Becoming an ACCA member can open up an expansive host of career opportunities in the accounting domain across the world.

You can further enhance the value of an ACCA qualification by combining it with another advanced degree such as an MBA. This way, you can also gain the management experience required to target well-paying executive positions in the financial world.

Read ahead to learn more about how an MBA+ACCA pathway can help you boost your career in the financial domain.

You can combine two well-recognised qualifications

An MBA degree is one of the most well-recognised business degrees in the world as is and ACCA qualifications. Obtaining an MBA along with your ACCA qualification can help you reach prospective employers across the world across diverse domains. 

Also, combining your ACCA certification with a global MBA can help you diverge from the accounting domain and establish a career in any other domain.

You have an expansive set of skills and expertise

Combining your ACCA qualification with an advanced business degree such as an MBA can help you build an impressive set of skills and technical expertise. 

You will gain a thorough understanding of financial and bookkeeping concepts and become proficient in strategic financial decision making through your ACCA preparation. 

While, an MBA can provide you with managerial and administrative skills like leadership, organisational skills, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Combining these sets of skills can help you build an impressive resume that can attract any prominent employer.

The MBA degree can make it easier to grasp ACCA concepts

It is quite well-known that the ACCA syllabus is quite intensive and can be difficult to crack for someone who doesn’t have any previous financial background. However, combining your ACCA preparation with an MBA can provide you with some grasp on finance and strategic decision making. This way, you can make ACCA certification process easier and shorter.

You can apply for exemptions in your ACCA syllabus

Students with a finance or business degree such as an MBA can qualify for some exemptions in their ACCA exams which can significantly cut the time and effort required to obtain the certification. 

While the type and number of exemptions depend on your MBA specialisation and the country of your MBA, you can generally skip the foundation level papers. Depending on your MBA qualification, you can claim up to nine paper exemptions from your ACCA exams. This can mean a significantly reduced workload when you study for ACCA while doing your MBA.

If you wish to combine your ACCA preparation with an MBA programme, you would best pursue your MBA from a business school that is also a registered ACCA learning institution. This way, you need not have to look elsewhere for your ACCA coaching while you focus on your academics. Look for appropriate ACCA-accredited business schools today to strengthen your future career. 

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