Meet La2wentyfour – The New Popular Star Everyone is talking about



The name La2wentyfour is starting to circulate around the internet as people begin to talk about him more and more and more! But who is this guy? Why is everyone talking about him? And why is he so interesting to the internet? 

Humble Beginnings 

 La2wentyfour began making music at the age of 16, with not much money to his name or any resources La2wentyfour had to use whatever he had around him, using everything at his disposal was crucial to his early smaller successes such as recording music and gaining a fanbase. In the early days of his career his mom had an old laptop she used for work and when she was not using it, he would get to work all night writing and recording quietly in his room. The laptop and a $50 Microphone were all he had at the time, but he worked with what was available to him. 

Trouble with School

Because La2wentyfour was so invested with his music results started to show and things musically were starting to get better for him but the main obstacle in his way was school, at the time La2wentyfour couldn’t fully pursue his music career because his parents believed he should get a full high school education and for  him to peruse a college degree as well, what only made matters worse for him was his grades being so low and him failing classes left and right. La2wentyfour knew this was bad for him but he kept on pushing both sides so that eventually his grades would be okay and his musical success would win his parents over.

Hard Work Pays!

After a few successful tracks and promotions La2wentyfour was able to grab the attention of a private recording company called Rf3reocords, La2wentyfour was able to get a management deal in late 2018 and some funding to produce his first album F.L.A.V.O.R. His first album had big feature names on it such as Yung bans, a newly signed artist of rich the kid at the time by the name of Yung Bino and much more! La2wentyfour has came far in this short span of time in less than around 2 years he was already making songs with big name features convincing his parents that music was safe for him to pursue.

Money Started Saying Hello!

After the Release of the album La2wentyfour started making extravagant purchases one of his more notable ones is his Butterfly chain which holds the 24 Pendant below it, this piece I’m sure was one of his dream pieces as it is very unique with its colors and design.

Travel, Travel, Travel!

La2wentyfour had a great year so he decided to have his family from South Africa visit him, the leisure time was well needed and it was very important to reconnect those bonds especially during the holiday Christmas season, during this time La2wentyfour also released another small project titled “Lucid”


Today La2wentyfour is an owner of his own record label “Blueway entertainment” and has a collective of artists, models photographers, and producers. The collective is always making new content for the fans and people who want to feel like they’re apart of something, the movement shows nothing but love to its fans and the message that is mostly promoted is that anyone can achieve their goals, always work with the little that you have and always push hard to change your situation. 


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