Some Popular Features Of The Pinterest App On Android



The Pinterest App for Android is currently up to version 2.2. The new app comes with the unique “Individuals who snare this pin” feature, enabling users to locate new pins that could be of particular interest.

Aside from these two new attributes, the Pinterest app for Android also received several improvements and bug fixes. Additional fantastic updates include the ability to manage one’s profile from the apparatus right from the smartphone.

Pins can now be organized in a variety of ways. The old-fashioned way would be to have to scroll through all the hooks one by one. You can now go to the page of this trap, drag a button, and place your cursor on the button. Whenever you do that, a pop-up will appear to let you select from several options like choosing each of the pins, a random cork, or pinching only among those chosen pins. If you would like to pin multiple hooks, then you can do it from the same pop-up.

These additional features are an excellent addition because it makes browsing through pins much more comfortable. Before, the hooks were put in alphabetical order, which made the browsing process somewhat dull. Now, users can browse the pins according to their interests or keywords.

Apart from this functionality, the newest Pinterest application can also be compatible with all Google applications. This includes Gmail, Google+, and YouTube. There’s no need for users to install any additional software to the Google Android platform as everything they need is present and willing to use. It’s also quite convenient since you can navigate through the Pinterest app in the background while doing other tasks such as checking email and surfing the Internet.

The new pins can be seen in the sidebar on the primary screen of this Pinterest app. To make things more interesting, the faucet allows you to sort the pins according to relevance. Therefore, if you’re seeking a pastime, the hooks that interest you most will be displayed at the top. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the latest news and happenings about the world, pins regarding current events are also exhibited from the sidebar.

In addition to this, you can also pin a photograph from a gallery of your pictures. If you’ve got an album of your favorite pictures, you can now pin the images from the sidebar to ensure that users may observe precisely the same photo in your records when pinning from the albums.

If you are planning to provide Pinterest a try, you should bear in mind that this app’s new features are somewhat beneficial. Besides being able to browse through your snare, you might also share and arrange pins in your social networking profiles. You may also see other people’s pins from the sidebar for more comfortable sharing.

The app also lets you arrange your pins based on several types of content or societal networks you’re connected with. The new categories, such as art, sports, and travel, are categorized to be straightforward for you to find specific types when browsing.

Another useful feature allows users to pin their favorite photos directly in the gallery of choice. If you’re compiling a photograph from your album, the app would then automatically take a snapshot with that picture and pin it into the same place in your profile.

Even though the Pinterest app has many functionalities that a regular social network could have, there are still a few features that users will enjoy, which have yet to be included in this app’s existing features.

A few of these include: being able to customize the sidebar with your favorite pins and having the ability to edit your hooks and view other users’ pins and being able to pin images in the Web, allowing you to pin the photographs directly from a desktop or notebook computer or smartphone.

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