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A common motivation to exercise is to have the desire to want to look and feel better, showing off a toned body. However, access to a gym membership is not always affordable for everyone and even more so in the present context of confinement, attending an establishment of this category is not the most recommended. However, despite these obstacles, there are alternatives to perform these activities from home.

With the help of application like crossfit collective that we can download to our mobiles, the task of exercising at home will be facilitated. From them we can learn new routines and fitness tips to lead a new lifestyle. 

under normal conditions, experts agree by recommending a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, four times a week. It may seem like little, but the benefits for the body are almost immediately evident: it improves blood circulation, which promotes body oxygenation (something basic for our metabolism).

Likewise, feeling active improves the quality of sleep; increases self-esteem; counteracts high blood pressure and diabetes (both risk factors for covid-19 infection); boosts brain power; slows down bone degeneration (the origin of osteoporosis) and helps prevent colon, breast and prostate cancers.

Exercising at home has been one of the hobbies to keep the line and prepare for the de-escalation. A very healthy intention that has been able to collide with the reality of most Spanish homes: not having utensils with which to perform the exercises.

So that you do not have any exusa and abandon the sports for the popcorn, here we bring you a brief list of exercises that we can do with our own body  and with which to work all our muscle groups without dumbbells, steps or elastic bands.

If in your case you are a beginner and have only practiced occasional exercise as a hobby, we recommend training half an hour a day, for 3 days a week. As you always have to stay active, we encourage you to go for a walk on those “rest” days during the hours set in this de-escalation.

Exercise in home, the only requirement we will need is  a little space where we can move and a mat  to protect our back in exercises that require us to lie on the floor.

Among the most famous are:

  • Jumping Jacks , or jumps in which legs and arms are coordinated making openings and closings. 
  • Squats . Lowering repetitions trying to keep the back straight and making force with our quadriceps and glutes. We can complement this exercise with a small jump when we rise or with a kick in the air.
  • Strides . Stretching one leg forward and keeping the trunk straight, we will lower the other until our knee touches the ground.
  • Pushups : Are the inflections of all vida.vSi see that cost us too much, instead of relying on tiptoes we can rely on the knees, thus smoothing the effort.
  • Glute bridge : Lying on the floor we flex our legs supporting the soles of the feet until the knees are at a 45ยบ angle. Then we will raise our hips up, as if we were going to do “the bridge”, but keeping our head and shoulders on the ground.
  • One-legged deadlift : We stand up and lower our trunk until it is perpendicular to our leg. If we want to, we put our hand on the ground. This movement is carried out while raising the opposite leg into the air, until it is also perpendicular to the other.
  • Plank : This exercise is similar to push-ups, but without movement. With the arms outstretched, resting the hands on the ground, and with the tips of the feet, we will support the weight of the body for approximately 30 seconds.

One of the problems with training at home is that at the beginning we started with a lot of desire, but as time goes by we lose that courage that we had at the beginning and laziness invades us. All these exercises will have been of no use. It is important to create your own routine in which we set a specific time to start training and maintain it over time .

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