EyeRide HUD, the Future of Motorcycle Helmets is Smart



Created by engineers who worked in prestigious companies such as BMW or Airbus, the EyeRide HUD is the perfect complement for motorcycle lovers. This device, designed by EyeLights and whose market price is 359 euros, can be incorporated into any helmet and promises to guarantee the safety of the pilots with the screen that unfolds in front of the eyes.

Talking about the future means talking about technology. If you take a look at the cinema, a great factory of dreams that shows us what the coming years could be like, you can appreciate not only the quality of its intelligent, autonomous and even flying cars and motorcycles, but also a clear premise, safety is the key to everything. In order to make life easier for lovers of two wheels, EyeLights has thought of a new use for the HUD (Head-Up Display) device used in combat aircraft.

The EyeRide is a device that incorporates a screen that is projected in front of the user and includes, among other things, hands-free, motorcycle GPS and voice command management. All this will allow the pilot to avoid distractions while driving, although, yes, he will have to focus on another point on the road when the menu is displayed.

Technical Characteristics

One of the key points of the Eye Ride HUD is that it uses Sony technology. The screen uses OLED technology and achieves up to 3,000 nits of brightness, three times more powerful than an iPhone screen in bright light. In it you can see the most relevant data of the place where the user is, change the music or take a call. The viewfinder is designed so that the eye perceives what is projected as if it were two meters away. The image, which is transparent, is positioned to one side of the field of view so as not to obstruct. The battery lasts all day and charges in about two hours.

This kit, which includes a microphone, headphones and the device that controls everything – and is placed on the outside – can be attached to any type of helmet. It also includes a button with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that is located on the handlebar and that allows it to manage the interface that the user is seeing while driving. Assembling the Bluetooth helmet takes just two minutes.

The project of this fascinating helmet was born as a kickstarter crowdfunding whose initial objective was to get 11,512 euros. To date, it has collected more than 720,000 euros. The price of the kit is 259 euros, but you can also choose to buy the carbon fiber helmet with everything for 879 euros. Once it goes on the market, at the end of this year, its price will increase by about 100 euros.

EyeRide HUD has passed all the safety certifications of the European Union, which makes it suitable for use on the road without being penalized.

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