Is Binomo Safe for Trading: You Need to Know



Binomo is one of the common and award-winning trading platforms where you can earn by trading (increase or decrease in currency exchange rates, stock costs and records, products, and various resources).

Founded in 2014, Binomo is owned by Dolphin Corp, a company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Since its inception, the platform has strengthened its efficiency and proven itself among its rivals in the markets. Their simplified and efficient platform additionally incorporates numerous scalable features that make it one of the most common and easy trading platforms for traders. For both beginners and seasoned traders, it is best known for its devotion to low exchange essentials as well as a host of various worthwhile features.

Binomo Platform

Binomo is a creative platform for trading that allows individuals to earn money online. It is an online broker with a moderately long history, that offers trade in currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

This dealer offers you the perfect chance to trade on declining or rising markets. Without any issues, you can make money on binomo. But, on the other hand, it is possible to lose money because of the essence of trade. Traders should know and follow those strategies and methods in order to make a profit. It is extremely simple and easy to set a trade with the binomo trading platform. Regardless, you need to know and examine the market carefully before the placement of trades.

Binomo: A Safe Digital Options Broker or A Scam?

In the success of every trader, selecting the right platform to trade on is crucial. The web is full of brokers, which makes it extremely hard to track down the genuine or safe ones. However, you can find good brokers with above-average conditions with little support from professionals and your own analysis. Within all trades, there is an inherent risk; those performed on the binomo platform are not a special case.

Reasons Why Trading on Binomo is Safe

There are a number of features such as regulations, securities, opportunities, and so on that should be noted when it comes to the safe trading platform. Below are some characteristics of the binomo.


Binomo is managed by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and has been a Category A member since 2018.  The IFC is an independent body that helps monitor financial markets and, as an options broker, the fact that binomo is both regulated and a Group A member speaks to their integrity. The regulation is significant for foreign traders. The broker would rapidly lose the license if there is a fraud.

Binomo is accredited by the FMMC, in addition to being a Category A member of the IFC. They are even audited annually by the IFC’s VerifyMyTrade branch. On February 13, 2020, their last audit was completed and the outcomes passed the criteria for execution consistency. These regular audits and their autonomous qualification speak to the credibility of binomo as a broker.

In addition, through CySEC, binomo is in the process of acquiring a license. Regulation is important in deciding which broker to select for foreign customers, and these certifications, audits, and regulations are signs that binomo is a reputable broker with favorable terms.

Cash Protection

Traders have access to the impartial and international court and judgment. You can complain to the IFC if you have any issues with the broker. One advantage for traders is that all of its participants have a reimbursement fund for the IFC. That means that traders would be covered for up to 20,000€ if anything were to happen to binomo to compromise funds. This security guarantees the safety of the money to traders and lets them know that your resources are respected by binomo. 

Information Security

For all of its traders, binomo utilizes a proprietary trading network. To ensure that all data is protected and stable, the platform uses SSL protocol, so your money consistently remains safe during any trading conditions. Customer data protection is important since it defines how well financial information can be secured by binomo.

You cannot deposit or withdraw money without some sensitive financial details, such as credit card numbers, bank records, and other personal data, which makes platform protection essential. As the trader, having this first layer of security from binomo helps you and protects the integrity of binomo.

Non-stop Trading Opportunities

Binomo provides the standard form of exchange of high/low options, also known as call/put options, and Turbo Trades. High / low options are the regular options for call/put derivatives and are typically available for all brokers.

High / Low alternatives include forecasting whether an asset’s final market price will rise above or fall below the price at the beginning of a given time limit. Except with shorter time limits, turbo trades are equivalent.

While they do not have a wide variety of trading styles on their site, non-stop trading availability is offered by binomo. The market never closes, ensuring you can trade whenever you want, setting them apart from other online brokers, except on weekends.

Absence of Charging Commission

Most exchanging platforms do not charge a premium or commission. Rather, when a trader makes an incorrect forecast, thus losing the trade, they gain money. Binomo does not charge a fee for their services, per industry norm. The fact that binomo makes its money from traders losing their funds means it can be quite a profitable investment for traders investing in large quantities.

Easy Transaction Procedures

Binomo makes transactions simple and effective. Using a variety of alternatives such as visa, masterCard, e-currencies, for example, webmoney, perfect money, neteller, and even cryptocurrencies, you can finance your account. You can withdraw your funds from a similar account you have credited to, which is referenced above, and the base sum you can withdraw is $10.


Locating a secure online options broker can be problematic. Trading is more of a world of dynamism. There are no traders with losses they have never faced. It is therefore advised to analyze the regulations, possibilities, etc. before choosing a platform for trade. For several traders and investors who are interested in joining the platform, binomo provides a wide range of features and resources that make it a viable, user-friendly platform. Binomo has something for traders of each expertise level that makes it alright for a wide range of traders.


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