How to Create Your Own Website for Beginners


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Are you interested in building an online presence? Are you considering building out a website to get either your personal or business brand established online? 

If so, then you’re in the perfect place.

Building a website for the first time in your life can be an intimidating prospect. Simply put, most folks are daunted by what they perceive to be the high level of technical acumen required to know how to create your own website.

But contrary to popular opinion, creating your own website can be quite simple if you’re armed with the right information. With this step by step guide, you’ll get to know all of the most crucial tips for creating your own website.

Purchase a Domain Name

The first step in building a website is purchasing a domain name. The domain name is the URL to which your website’s content will point. For instance, Google’s domain name is

The top-level domain (TLD) is the second part of that domain — .com, for instance, is a TLD. As a general rule, for most personal and commercial websites you’ll want to go with a .com domain. However, there are some other situations (location-based websites, for instance) to make a call on an alternative TLD.

One important thing to call out is that putting keywords into your domain name can help your SEO efforts. So if you want to get high search engine rankings, then consider that when purchasing your domain name.

Pick a Web Hosting System

Once you have your domain name purchased, it’s time to have that domain name hosted on a web hosting system. This platform will be what takes care of putting all of your content on the Internet.

It’s important to choose the right web hosting system the first time, as it can be a time-consuming and painstaking process to switch to another platform. 

When looking at web hosting platforms, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, uptime is all-important. Different hosts have different technical architectures, and some are able to support higher uptimes than others.

The second key factor is security. The web hosting platform that you choose should have a comprehensive ability to lock your website down and protect it from hackers with nefarious intentions.

Install a Content Management System

Once you have a domain and a web hosting system together, the last piece of the puzzle is to install a content management system like WordPress. This system is what will allow you to build out webpages, blog posts, or any other content you want to put on your website.

To start achieving more, get some consulting on how to get your website to the next level.

How to Create Your Own Website, Made Simple

There you have it. Armed with this information on how to create your own website, you should be well equipped to build out an online presence.

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