Five Basics to Attract Clients in the Real Estate Sector



Real estate agents live by attracting clients. What another economic source could they drink from? They need to scrutinize the market, search every nook and cranny with a magnifying glass, and not leave a phone number without a call.

If you’re new, the recruitment techniques and persuasive weapons that brokers use seem like strategies may seem difficult to apply and when starting out, you want to spend more time and effort in marketing techniques that are effective and not too costly. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss tried and tested strategies that will turn potential buyers towards your services, allowing you to do what you do best: 

Be Regular on Social Media

Social media has the power to make and break any company, including a real estate firm. As of 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion regular users, meaning your potential clients are among these users. You need to keep two things in mind when dealing with social media: 

  1. Post content consistently
  2. Keep your social media followers updated.

This often comes down to creating nifty real estate social media posts about your latest leads, or sharing interesting news relevant to real estate. Social media won’t provide you with overnight success but with consistent posting, you’ll gain a sizable following in no time.  

Establish telephone contact

The basic working tool for a real estate broker is your phone. Phone calls are relevant even today because they work well in attracting customers as well as staying in touch with them. 

Keep your calendar filled with the names of potential buyers and reach out to them via cell phone. It works better than other forms of contact as it’s more personalized, and we recommend presenting your case clearly, with empathy towards the clients’ needs over the phone. 

Presence in real estate portals

Having a website is essential but not enough. Social networks, although they have been gaining enormous strength in recent years, alone will not get you the impactful results you’re looking for. 

If you intend to increase your number of clients, you must have an almost mandatory presence on real estate portals such as Zillow and Realtor. Real estate flyer type ads positioned on these platforms can land the desired buyer prospect. Every click will come from a person looking for precisely the type of property you offer. 

Always Use High Quality Photos

The kind of photos you use in your listings says about the credibility of your realty firm. 

According to research, 87% of homebuyers, who use the internet to research listings, find photos about properties for sale very useful. With such an overwhelming number of potential buyers relying on the photos you put out, using your phone to take shots is not recommended. 

Bright, clean, professionally done photos grab your buyers’ attention a lot faster than blurry pictures taken on your phone. In fact, realtors who invest in professional real estate photography sell homes 32% faster and at higher prices. It’s time to invest in a camera!  

Offer a virtual tour

Virtual tours are the need of the hour. As more people would rather stay home, order their food, electronics and groceries online, many are considering the same attitude towards real estate as well. If there are ways to prospect houses from the luxury of your house, why not take it? 

In the  Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, approximately one-third of buyers said that virtual tours are crucial to their home buying experience.

Hommati saw the opportunity and they took it. They offer 3D virtual tours on their website, and as a result, hundreds of listings are viewed on their site daily! These tours are not only interactive, but offer all kinds of information including contact details for realtors to help them make their decision. 

Marketing as a real estate agent is a hefty task, but one that can bring great results if you’re keen on adapting and using all kinds of tools available online to make your clients’ house hunting journey as smooth as possible.

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