How Dep Hart Makes Six Figures a Month Aged 24


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In June 2019, Patrick de Hart (Dep Hart) made his first €40 online. Ten days later, he’d pulled in $150,000. It must sound like a far-fetched claim that most people roll their eyes at without daring to believe, but for Dep Hart, it became his reality. How did he achieve this quick success at such a young age?

The Dutchman had always been an entrepreneur at heart. After finishing his secondary as early as possible at the age of 16, he began selling original products online to make a little extra pocket money. Yet he never saw this as a viable career path or realized it could turn into a way to make serious cash.

Instead, Dep Hart jumped around from job to job with limited success or direction. He began his career in the military, before moving to insurance advisory. Nothing quite gave him the challenge or freedom he longed for, and he remained confused about what the next step in his life would be.

One day, everything changed when he saw an online advertisement by Joshua Kaats, the founder of the Dropship Academy. The Academy teaches Dutch students how to start their own dropshipping business from zero to a profitable entity within 31 days and ultimately make thousands.

Before seeing the advert, Dep Hart had a rudimentary knowledge of e�Commerce and had never heard of dropshipping. The program opened up a whole new world that filled him with more excitement than insurance advisory ever could.

Although the idea of a 23-year-old signing up for an online course promising to make him a rich businessman in a month might sound like a recipe for disaster, in this case, the risk paid off.

After earning an initial €40 ($47) from setting up his first dropshipping experiment, Dep Hart gained enough confidence to go all-in and launched his own brand. It was the kind of overnight success story that we’re told is impossible — less than a week later, he’d pulled in six figures.

Lit up by his success, Dep Hart went on to launch numerous other brands, hungry to grow his business empire further. It wasn’t just a fluke.

Two months later, he’d made a total of €270.000 ($315,000). And the best was yet to come.

Since then, Dep Hart has consistently pulled in between $200,000 and $400,000 per month on average. Businessrops lower during quieter quarters, but he can make even more than this during the busy Christmas months. In December 2019 alone, he made more than €550.000.

In total, the entrepreneur has made around €3.7 million ($4.31 million), despite having started a little over one year ago. It’s the kind of success most people dream of.

Of course, it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Dep Hart has had to learn the hard way to be smart with his money and even smarter with the people he associates with.

Initially, he started his venture with a business partner who he thought was on the same page with — but the partner later decided to focus on his education instead. It was a blow at first, but clearly, this minor setback didn’t affect Dep Hart overly. He went on to make his €150,000 profit a few weeks later.

As you might expect for someone who achieved so much so rapidly, there have been times where Dep Hart has fallen into the trap of becoming arrogant and greedy. After multiple consecutive six-figure months, Dep Hart became addicted to the instant high of seeing the figures go up.

“I focused on the quick money instead of really building a brand and looking at quality products,” the entrepreneur based in The Hague admits; “but once I realized that you have to deliver quality and value first, things went in the right direction again.”

Despite his rapid success, Dep Hart doesn’t toe the line of many online entrepreneurs. He advises young people to focus on getting their basic education before venturing into the high-risk business world. However, he doesn’t think that further education is always necessary to achieve success.

When you’ve already earned your millions at the young age of 24, what comes next? At first, Dep Hart used his money on “stupid” (by his admission) investments like designer clothes and fancy cars — he even spent almost $30,000 on renting a flashy penthouse in the center of Barcelona for one week.

Now, he’s using the fortunate financial position he’s found himself in to work toward fulfilling his dream to become a music producer. Dep Hart (his DJ name) has thousands of streams on Spotify and even made it to Number 9 in the music charts in the Netherlands.

But he hasn’t given up business completely, and is now aiming for world domination. Dep Hart hopes to expand his business beyond his home shores of the Netherlands into Belgium and Germany. He also hopes to break the USA and has already begun testing the market there.

But his ambitions go beyond lining his bank account ready for a rainy day. Dep Hart hopes to help 10,000 people to become financially free — able to make money to live on their own terms instead of relying on traditional jobs. For some people, this might mean dropshipping or starting eCommerce stores; for others, it could be starting a YouTube channel, freelancing, affiliate marketing, or one of the many other new online jobs.

To help him achieve this, he’s turned his focus to social media. His Instagram account (@dephart) has 72k followers at the time of writing—that’s over 10k more than the business guru he learned from in the early days — but he hopes to grow this to 125,000.

To learn more about how you can follow in his footsteps and achieve financial independence in whatever way suits you best, be sure to follow his Instagram account and stay tuned for updates.

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