How Athletes Can Differentiate Between Good and Bad Pain



Many people are willing to put in a lot of effort at the gym to get their dream body. There are various types of workouts out there and each person has workouts that work best for them. Those that are into exercising know that pain is a factor one must face in the process of working out. There is much truth in the saying, “without pain, there is no gain.” However, it is crucial to note that not all pain when working out is good for your wellbeing. Many professional athletes have challenging times in their career because of an injury or pain from working out. So, how do you know the pain you are experiencing is good or bad? Here is all you need to know concerning pain when it comes to working out.

Good Pain and Bad Pain: The Difference

When doing strenuous activity or workout, you are most likely to experience a form of pain after or during the routine. This is because your muscles are under a lot of stress and might be getting fatigued. This is considered a good pain as it is vital in increasing the level of endurance, strength, and fitness.

On the other hand, bad pain is a result of putting your muscles through stress they cannot handle. This type of pain is more severe and can be unbearable to most people. It is essential not to subject your body to stress it cannot handle comfortably. Bad pain can be caused by a workout-related injury and maybe long-term. This is the type of pain that can end one’s career or hinder someone from performing daily activities with ease. If you want to reach your body goals quickly without stressing your body too much, you could check here to learn more about supplements. 

Ways to Know if the Pain is Good or Bad

The first indication that the pain you are experiencing is good is that it builds up gradually. Bad pain tends to be sudden. When working with heavy weights or other forms of exercise that might be intense, you should start with what your body is comfortable with and then later progress gradually. This will be crucial in preventing one from getting injuries that cause bad pain.

Most people who have not been exercising for a while tend to feel good pain when they get into a workout routine. The pain is spread out over the given region. On the other hand, bad pain tends to originate from a specific area and one can feel the exact origin of the pain. It will be wise to seek medical intervention if you are suffering from pain for a lengthy period. If you cannot tolerate the pain, then that is a sign that it isn’t good. Most pains that are felt in the joints are not good and you should reduce the intensity of your workouts once you feel pain in any joint.


Working out is essential for you to be healthy and fit. However, it is crucial to ensure that you are not pushing your body over the limit. Make sure to seek your doctor’s advice if you are suffering from pain.

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