Haridatta’s Shuttershoot_d Is Going Places Slowly But Surely!



As we all know, Due to this COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of social media influencers and newbie’s started showing their skills on social media platforms in the past few months, i.e during the lockdown phase in and around the world! It might be about the cooking, paintings, motivational short videos, comedy meme’s, and the list varies.

But, Only a few were able to get recognized and be out of the box, by competing with the competitors.

Haridatta Bhattiprolu is one of them. Who started a photography page on Instagram, A few months back.  And started posting the pictures of the vehicles, nature, Which most of the pictures are creative and unique, That live up to the account’s bio (The best & creative pictures captured with love, art, and passion)

These posts were liked by the people on Instagram, and it reached to the brands in the automobile industry and gave him additional exposure to the world!

Recently, Vespa, An Italian scooter manufacturing company by Piaggio, The Vespa India re-shared the picture clicked by the shuttershoot_d on their official Instagram saying “@shuttershoot_d highlights each curve of his Vespa with this click. That’s how you #LiveMoreVespa!”


One of the Instagram reels posted by shuttershoot_d has crossed the 4k milestone, Which had a reach of 250x into his followers count.


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