Types of LED Light Bulbs: All Types for Any Occasion



Today, about 20% of energy costs go toward lighting. 

Because of this, you need to be prudent about the lighting choices that you make in your home or business. Today, that means switching to LED lighting so you can take full advantage of every benefit that comes with the territory.

So what are the benefits of LED lighting? What are the different types of LED light bulbs?

Read on to learn these answers and more about these fixtures. 

What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

So what makes LED lighting so special?

For one, LED lights provide eco-friendly perks that you can’t get with any other type of lighting. These lights emit 90% less power than other kinds of bulbs. This alone is incredibly green friendly and plenty of money on your monthly bills.

You will also save money over the long term because you will not have to replace these bulbs nearly as often. Because you’re not replacing them regularly, you’ll have more continuity with all of your light fixtures.

Your property will get several hours of service out of LED lights and you will appreciate the effectiveness they provide. These lights operate much cooler than traditional light bulbs and are safer to use. Not only are you protecting your long term energy-efficiency, but you’re also protecting the environment.

What Are Some of the Different Types of LED Light Bulbs?

Switching to LED lighting will be in your benefit. Now that you know some of the advantages of these lights, you should figure out which kinds you should buy. 

There are all sorts of different LED lights you can shop for. Make sure to touch base with some different retailers as you shop for the perfect brand and model.

Here are a few of the different LED light bulb types you should look into:

1. The E27 Bulb

These are the most common LED lights that people use in the United States and the United Kingdom. E27 bulbs feature a screw base similar to traditional bulbs. They typically fit into smaller fixtures but omit upward of 40-watts of energy.

E27 is a specific type of socket that measures in the range of 27 mm. You will appreciate the fact that these lights are brighter than others and are energy efficient.

2. Mini LED Lights

Mini LED lights are typically used for festive events and outdoor fixtures. They’re hung by threads and feature several different small LED light bulbs of different shapes and colors.

These light fixtures typically include different kinds of chips and come in various forms of Ultra-high output. You will appreciate that mini LED lights feature low wattage and don’t use nearly as much power as other forms of light bulbs.

3. LEDs for Specific Applications

One thing you will find is that LED lighting is commonplace among several different industries. As such, you need to get to know the different kinds and uses that generally come into play.

These light bulbs are typically found in all sorts of signage. They come in a variety of colors, such as red, green, and blue, and also come in bi-color and tri-color varieties.

You will also want to consider their flashing capability and how brightly these lights will show up in a variety of weather conditions. Today’s interstate systems, industrial and construction sites, and other such properties routinely make use of these applications. They come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on what you need.

4. The B22 Bulb

With a B22 light bulb, you are able to not only get power and efficiency but a variety of color options. These lights are also referred to as bayonet light bulbs. 

They generally are measured out to about 22 mm, but also come in a number of sizes. 

You will appreciate these lights become in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When you employ these light bulbs, you will also get the maximum lighting output.

These lights are far more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs and you won’t have to worry about any sort of heat radiation. What’s more, these lights are free of ultraviolet (UV) lighting. The B22 light bulb features a screw base of its own and a small round dome at the top of the cap.

5. Recessed LED Lights

If you’re interested in light bulbs that will last for years, it doesn’t get better than recessed lighting. When you purchase recessed LED lights, you’re getting lighting that will frame your room to make it appear bigger. 

These lights are installed inside of your ceiling, rather than hanging out or installed in an exterior lighting fixture. People also purchase recessed LED lighting because it is low-maintenance. When you install recessed LED lighting, you’re getting bulbs that will emit for several hours and will last for years. 

You will notice a reduction in your energy bills as a result, which makes your home or office easier to maintain and will keep more money in your pocket. 

6. Flood LED Bulbs

Flood LED light bulbs are installed outdoors to provide more visibility to your property. They cover a wide base and emit brighter light than incandescent bulbs. 

When you install LED flood lights, they provide an excellent visual presentation that makes your property both safe and elegant. This is why you will typically see these lights installed outside of business parking lots and throughout municipalities.

This white light is warm and beautiful, which also makes it a festive option. These lights also last for several operating hours and will not burn out on you prematurely.

They don’t feature harmful carbon emissions or ultraviolet (UV) lighting. They are also durable against several different weather conditions.

7. High-Power LED Lights

Sometimes you need your lights to have more power. With high-power LED lights, you’re getting that in spades. These are higher wattage lights that shine bright without using even a fraction of the energy. 

These are the kinds of lights that you purchase when you need the best attributes on the market. For instance, you can shop around for a number of different voltages and varying degrees of luminosity.

People often use high-powered LED lights in automobiles of all types. Not only are these lights incredibly efficient, but you waste less energy and can count on them to last far longer.

8. Flashing LED Lights

If you need lights that have a striking presentation, flashing LED lights provide just what you need. These lights are helpful in the event of an emergency, or when you need a light that will show up despite weather conditions. 

For instance, these lights will stand out even when you are dealing with fog, rain, or low visibility. Because these lights flash intermittently, they can also be programmed however you need. When you are interested in investing in these lights, make sure that you opt for the best size and that they fit your event or circumstances. 

They come with a series of integrated circuits and are set to different frequencies. You’ll often see these lights used to warn people of danger or to attract attention for a party, concert, or other outings. 

9. Tube LED Bulbs

Tube LED light bulbs are long and cylindrical. They’re typically installed overhead in office buildings or industrial settings. These lights are useful because they’re long-lasting and easy to install and replace. 

In general, these lights are covered with a plastic sheet and are often popped into place, as opposed to screwed in place. They also emit light coolly and will keep your office building well-lit for years to come. 

10. Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED lights are some of the most cutting edge that you will find on the market today. They are highly sophisticated and completely programmable. 

These lights are integrated with smartphone apps so that users have customization options at their fingertips. People can access the app to change everything from the brightness and color to the duration and effect of the lights. You can access the light to make them blink intermittently, cut off at a certain time, or otherwise operate how you please. 

 These customization options are helpful whether you want to control the energy use in your home or the safety and security of your landscape. 

Shop for the Lights That You Need

When you’re interested in different types of LED light bulbs, the points above will help you out. There are several different LED lights that you can purchase, and each has its place. 

Make sure to speak to a few different LED lighting professionals to make certain that you’re buying the right one. From there, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits above, and then some. 

If you want to learn more about LED lighting and other forms of energy efficiency, check back for more of our content. 

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