How to Write a Reinstatement Letter to Amazon Flex


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Amazon is an eCommerce platform on which thousands of sellers list their products, sell them, and make profits. Even though ads are screaming about the simplicity of working on Amazon and maintaining Amazon accounts, it is not as easy as it looks! Working as an Amazon seller requires proper knowledge of Amazon’s rules and policies, which are specially devised for its sellers, the ones, who (as Amazon thinks) infringe rules and harm Amazon customers. And sometimes, people really make mistakes, for which they are punished by Amazon itself, in the shape of Amazon account suspensions. Suspensions are not something new for Amazon sellers, which is why each and every seller wants to avoid them at any cost. Got Suspended Clients Amazon suspension appeal service has created hundreds and hundreds of articles about factors that trigger Amazon account suspension, so make sure you read them as soon as it is possible! (Read more here:

Amazon has many options for those who want to be somehow related to this platform. For example, Amazon has, obviously, buyer accounts – for those who want to purchase goods from Amazon or its sellers. It also offers prime membership, accounts for students, seller accounts and so on. One of Amazon’s inventions is Amazon Flex, about which we are going to talk a lot in the following article.

You see, Amazon Flex is still a part of Amazon, which is why it also has a suspension system on its hands. If you have been suspended by Amazon Flex, you have probably done something wrong. For example, you left the package at the wrong address, stole packages or put them in an unsafe location, and in either case you harmed Amazon customers. And this is not acceptable for Amazon!

There is one thing you can do if you ever get suspended by Amazon Flex – appeal your suspension, and deactivate your privileges. In your appeal letter, you should acknowledge your fault, and show them that you know the reason for your suspension. Briefly describ what happened and why; don’t write words that make Shakespeare cry! Be straightforward and transparent! Don’t appeal your suspension without precise and accurate information. Have your statistics, show them your performance, how you performed and how you behaved in particular situations. Tell them how important it is for you to continue working with Amazon Flex, and highlight the importance of providing good customer service.

After drafting your appeal, you can double check and submit it. Now you have to wait for Amazon’s response, and see if you are deactivated or not. Even though there is information about the time it takes to get your response, it’s not always true. Amazon may respond to you either in a few days, or in a  few months; there is no in-between. If you are an Amazon seller, who also got his or her seller account suspended,  feel free to contact our team Got Suspended Clients. We will help you reinstate your account, no matter what the problem is. Interested? Contact us and see how your account comes back to you!

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