Fashion Nova Continues to Thrive in 2020. Here’s Why


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If you take a closer look at your wardrobe, there is a high chance that among your favorite clothes, two or three pieces are from Fashion Nova. The company has been able to create a powerful relationship with many of its customers, which keeps them coming back for more. What is their secret? How do they keep people happier than their competitors?

After becoming the fourth most searched fashion brand on Google in 2017, Fashion Nova rose to the top the following year and continues to thrive. What are the reasons behind the constant growth of the company?  Today, we take a peek behind the scenes to better understand the reasons the brand is so successful.


With its production and sales strategy, Fashion Nova has established itself as one of the most accessible clothing companies in the world today. Its online-focused business model, combined with their speedy production capabilities, helps the company to thrive and continue growing.

Working with more than 1000 manufacturing companies around LA, Fashion Nova produces over 600 new designs weekly, meaning that there is always something new for customers to think about. It takes only 24 hours to have a new clothing idea ready and another 24 hours for the company’s models to try them on, be photographed, and have their images shared online.

Fashion Nova has a critical two-week production period, which enables it to remain inventive and competitive in a vast and extremely challenging digital market.

 A working business strategy.

For one, Fashion Nova uses reliable SEO strategies to correctly market and increase interest in their brand’s specific design. For instance, they choose to use less complicated names for their new arrivals that are easy to search, rather than rely on the complex number naming system.

Second, the company utilizes a tool that lets its customers know about a new arrival or when they restock a given product. This way, their products arrive in a market full of ready and willing customers just waiting for updates before they make orders.

Third, together with PayPal and Amazon Pay, Fashion Nova accepts all kinds of traditional payment methods. Through this, they make sure their clients can easily order and pay for products with nothing holding them back.

Founder and CEO Richard Saghian has created a business model based on fast delivery at every level. Not only does the company come up with new designs daily, but they also ensure to make deliveries on time. Fashion Nova ships all around the world, and offers a two-day delivery time on all orders within the United States. As if that’s not impressive enough, any order within 40 miles of Los Angeles is delivered on the same day via Postmates.

Lastly, they sell quality products at affordable rates. Most of their clothes go for less than 50 dollars before factoring in discounts. With such a price range, anyone can afford to shop at their store.

Social Media Presence.

Although currently booming, Fashion Nova was not a sudden hit. One of the reasons behind its continued success owes directly to a robust social media marketing strategy and the power of Instagram.

When Richard Saghian thought of selling his merchandise online, his main concern was how to drive traffic towards the company website. To reach his target audience and achieve the exponential growth he strove for, he decided to market his business on Instagram. Since most of his clients were already posting in the company’s clothes and tagging the company account, the transition was easy.

Since then, Fashion Nova has extensively used the social media platform to market its products. From 60,000 followers in the year 2013, it currently stands at over 18 million followers. By using over 3000 influencers, Fashion Nova promotes its brand online, and this is one of the core reasons why it continues to thrive.

Working with celebrities such as Cardi B, who vocally endorse the brand, they instantly market their new products to their millions of followers, which in turn translates to traffic and business on their e-commerce site.

Fashion Nova’s social media marketing strategy involves posting every 30 minutes, commenting, and liking customers’ posts. This has made it very popular among millennials, and with the growing number of social media users, it has helped the company grow, too.

Rather than build stores in every city, Fashion Nova has utilized social media to market its wares out to the world. People view their clothes through their models, influencers, or from other buying customers, then go to their website to get one for themselves. This way, they reach the whole world without necessarily having to be there.

Customer Satisfaction.

If you want to stay on trend without having to spend big, then Fashion Nova should be the first store you visit.

Fast fashion is the new normal. Fashion Nova’s rapid production combined with the proper use of social media plays along with this theme.  Producing new attires daily and posting online every thirty minutes keeps customers guessing on what could be next.

And with the ever-changing fashion trends and the wish for the current generation to remain trendy, Fashion Nova not only satisfies its customer’s fashion needs but also keeps them on point with the latest designs.



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