Let’s Get Digital! 5 Perks of Converting to Digital Video


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You know that old box of Super 8 videos and VHS tapes you have tucked away in your attic? The tapes and films with all of your precious family memories?

There’s a better way to store and enjoy these memories for decades to come! And best of all, it won’t take much work on your part.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of switching to digital video.

1. Converting to Digital Video Frees up Space

Let’s be honest: storing boxes of tapes and photographs isn’t feasible anymore. There’s only so much space in your home.

When you convert these beloved memories to a digital format, you can free up that space without losing the moments that mean the most to you.

2. You Can Restore Image Quality

Today, the best cameras for filmmakers are more affordable than ever, yet they’re powerful enough to shoot 4K or even 8K footage. The camera you used to capture your favorite family moments can’t compete if it used a physical medium like film or mini DV tapes.

That doesn’t mean you can’t improve that old shaky footage or those blurry photos!

Digital editing is accessible and easy. Whatever device you’re reading this on has dozens of programs that you can use to improve video and photo quality, whether you need to adjust the lighting, touch up someone’s clothing, or stabilize the entire image.

3. You Won’t Lose Image Quality

When you transfer between physical mediums, you risk damaging your old materials.

As if the ability to restore old images wasn’t reason enough to make the switch to a digital medium, you’ll be happy to hear that you won’t lose any image quality in the transfer. That means that all of your cherished memories will remain intact, exactly as you remember them.

4. No Need to Worry About Degradation

The average photo stored in the best condition can last maybe a few decades. A digital file, however, has a much longer shelf-life.

Though hard drives fail and computers slowly become obsolete, you can always store transfers in the cloud. Experts note that a cloud storage system grants accessibility and longevity, as data is stored on multiple servers that get backed up often.

5. Digital Videos Are Easy to Share

What good is an old photo or video if you can’t share it with those you care about the most?

Sharing digital files is fast and easy, so you can spread the love to your favorite people whether they’re in the next room or across the globe.

Plus, most digital files are small enough that you can easily send them via email. If you’re not great with technology, this reason alone can save you quite a few headaches.

Experience These Perks and More Today

Converting to digital video is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s quick, easy, and ensures that your favorite moments will live on for years to come.

If you’re tired of dealing with those old boxes, think about switching to digital today!

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