Acrylic wall clock options for your bedroom


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Seemingly belonging to an older age as everyone uses their smartphone to see the time today, still, wall clocks have an appeal that cannot be replaced. Even as decoration, a wall clock can serve a purpose. More often today wall clocks are used in public spaces so it is easy for people to keep an eye on the time. There is a whole range of brands that produce wall clocks and of course many that are nameless producers that mass produce.

One can find a wall clock in many different materials such as metal, wood and acrylic. The acrylic sort has become common as it is easier and cheaper to produce using modern methods. These come in various forms, some are assembled, others need to be put together. Some have a sticky base so they can be pasted onto a wall, glass or a mirror.

Due to the vast design preferences, there is an endless number of options available in Acrylic wall clocks which are given below.

  • There are a lot of simpler styles that have the numbers cut out or printed on.

  • The decorative type is also a regular feature. Though some of these are harder to read more precisely.

  • Acrylic wall clocks also come in dismantled forms and one can do a small assembly and installation project. These ones are the kind that have multiple pieces to be pasted. A great place to paste them is onto mirrors, this adds to the look. You can buy through any online store like daraz etc.

  • Decorations vary a lot and some make use of birds and other animals to spruce up their look.

  • Charactes from known comins and movies are also often featured on acrylic wall clocks. It can be any character from Batman to Mario.

  • The shapes of acrylic wall clocks are available in almost any design you can think of, from full birds to dogs and cats.

There are so many options that everyone can find an acrylic wall clock that suits them and their space. Given that these clocks are relatively cheap it gives customers the option to change them more often, without worrying about taking a hit money-wise. These clocks are also ideal for kids rooms. If they break there is no glass to worry about and can also be replaced easily due to the cost.

The clock componenet reqires a battery to run, havinga few extra batteries is a good idea as when the battery starts to die the time can be out of sync with the actual time. Another advantage of acrylic wall clocks is that they can be wiped with a damp cloth without fear of it getting damaged. One does need to be careful with the clock hands when doing this though.

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