The Binge-worthy List: Find out The Best Reality TV Shows of All Time



Let us be honest, since the quarantine started, if you are living with your family then you might have been hanging your reality show at home. However, having the time to watch a good reality show is something we all crave for. But before the coronavirus days, it was merely impossible to have the time and effort to sit down and relax and watch an hour-long episode of a reality show on television. We used to rush through our jobs and work in the pre coronavirus days, which only made us, feel bad for missing out some unique content on the television. However, with the quarantine making a debut in our lives there was a lot that we can watch. And now when the coronavirus had not left the globe, especially not even close to leaving in the United States, which means we have some more time to finish watching some of the best reality shows out there.

While there are lots of ways that we can watch entertainment content these days. Starting with internet streaming platforms to watching TV shows in your smartphone through TV channels apps, but watching a reality TV show can only be fully entertained when watched on a television set. Before the coronavirus days, the charm of watching content on television had been long gone, people even decided to cut the cord to save themselves from the TV bill. However, when the coronavirus started and so did the huge spark on the internet causing slow and sometimes dead internet, people realized what a blessing TV cable is. Not only did TV cable survive the worst weather condition but even on huge demand, it remains consistent in terms of services and quality. Also, cable TV service providers such as Spectrum channels had made quarantine more bearable with its affordable cable TV packages and more. This makes cable TV a lifetime option for all entertainment needs.

Now that we know, which entertainment medium is the best when it comes to watching reality TV shows it is time to make a list of some great reality TV shows to watch next:

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

One of the biggest and most-watched reality TV shows, Keeping with The Kardashians is coming to its end as Kim Kardashian has announced on her Instagram handle that the family is heading to pack up the show after airing its next season.

Keeping Up with The Kardashian was first aired in 2007 introducing an absurd family to 13 years of cultural debates and controversies. Like all celebrity figures the Kardashian family was mocked, loved, hated, respected, and emulated for doing what they did.

After the alleged leaked sex tape of Kim Kardashians, she along with her whole family begged the reality TV shows and ruled the reality TV show industry for quite a long time. The show has given some legendary moments that are hard to reciprocate.

The show has introduced the youngest sister Kylie Jenner who has not only a mother at the age of 20 but also a highly successful business with a net worth of $900 million.

Now that the show is finally coming to its end you have just the right time to watch the show from the start if you haven’t. Trust us, you will know what makes the Kardashian family so famous once you swoon into their lives through a camera eye.

American Idol

When it comes to deciding which reality TV show to watch the music genre always wins. In 2002, the American Idol got famous for the chunky highlights of Kelly Clarkson and when Simon Cowell depicted that something major was coming in.

While the reality show has not been a major shift to launch the singers into the industry it has still been a go-to entertainment show for people that love listening to the new musical voice.

Along with some absurd contentions, the reality TV show was much known for its powerful judges and super debatable finales.

America’s Next Top Model

One of the most self-serving and campiest series in great reality television in America, America’s next top model is something we would love to get all details about. The show was hosted and produced by Tyra Banks which gave as push through to the modeling career of many models in a more dramatic way.

The reality TV shows had many highlights for the upfront conversions about the body image and race of the participants. The show after getting some limelight had led to becoming disturbing as new and ridiculous challenges were made part of the show.

However, to be honest, it a fun content to watch while you are binging on your snack.


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