5 Simple Methods for Cleaning Gold Vermeil Jewelry


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First question. What is Gold Vermeil jewelry and how do you say that word? It is said ‘vurmay’ and refers to high-quality jewelry made from sterling silver and coated with thick gold.

If you don’t have the budget for pure gold, or you have an allergic reaction to solid gold, then vermeil gold could be a great option. Either way, for jewelry to continue to look good and serve its purpose, it needs to be regularly cleaned so that it can continue to attract and dazzle.

When cleaning gold vermeil jewelry, it needs to be handled with care. In this article, we’re going to give you 5 simple methods for cleaning your jewelry while taking care not to unwittingly damage it.

  • Which Cleaning Material?

Soft and gentle is the key here. Choose a cloth that is lint-free such as a micro-fiber cloth that is used with cleaning camera lenses.

Alternatively and in the opinion of some, it is better to use a cotton ball. Try to gently wipe down your jewelry after each time you use it. This will help it keep looking its best.

Old Fashioned Soap and Water

Stay away from any chemicals as this can tarnish or change the color of your jewelry. The best thing you can use is good old fashioned soap and water. Special note here on the temperature of the water.

Don’t use hot water, use water at room temperature. Exposing the jewelry to large temperature changes can damage it. Once clean, you can leave them to dry naturally.

  • Soaking and Brushing

Here is another important principle to understand with vermeil gold. The higher the karat the softer the gold. The lower the Karat the hard the gold.

That means that if you have high karat gold vermeil jewelry, you will have to be very careful not to scratch or rub off the gold outer layer. If the karat is lower you could consider using a jewelry brush gently.

Either way, you can soak the jewelry in soapy water at room temperature and this will allow the water to work its way into the difficult to reach areas. Afterward, gently rinse and leave to dry.

  • Ultrasound Cleaner

These are a little expensive, but if you can afford one it is a brilliant option to clean your jewelry. The machine creates ultrasonic waves within the water which serves to work at and remove the dirt and grime from your jewelry.

  • Gold Vermeil Jewelry – Professional Cleaning

This final method is simply to give it to the professionals to do for you. Most likely the easiest option but not always the most convenient. If you have some gold vermeil jewelry that you have tried to clean yourself but you don’t think you’ve been very successful, then it would be wise to consult a professional cleaner.

Now You Look Beautiful

In this article, you have read about 5 simple methods for cleaning gold vermeil jewelry. Remember the important principles about the effect of temperature on your jewelry, and how soft or hard your gold is depending on the karat.

Now your jewelry is all set to look beautiful again, and you along with it. You can check out more helpful articles like this in our lifestyle section.


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