Ravoshia Is Captivating The Music World



Ravoshia who seems to use technology in a highly skilled, intelligent and creative manner is setting new trends for a new generation of musical talent with her entrepreneurial project that is rising to extreme popularity called RMPS101 known as Mannequin Performance Style 101. Also, her latest record Fashion Killa is now playing on hit radios universally with millions of listeners. The music video is playing in Germany on The Chubb Show and OKTV and becoming a viral hit with it already being watched over 160k times on YouTube. In fact, her Mannequin Performance Style 101 project was inspired by Fashion Killa. Not long ago, Hip Hop Weekly, a popular leading source in the music entertainment world noted the talented songstress of being “Next To Blow” which is a highly respected acknowledgement.

Ravoshia’s RMPS101 has been seen on the American Reporter, United Kingdom’s London Daily Post and so much more. It’s clear to see that she is captivating the majority of people with the groundbreaking signature and unique project. The video is jaw dropping with her dancing with three while edgy, futuristic mannequins in set positions. She is doing an epic out of this world toss up of both choreography and freestyle dance moves sometimes mimicking the pose of the mannequins Ravoshia just released the video on YouTube and it’s already sky rocketing up quickly.

The official logo for it is turning heads also with its overall style and concept. She is a big risk taker and rebellious to have such an innovative and unusual type of theme like this as a new rising recording artist and entertainer in this day and age especially with Covid 19 around. However, it hasn’t stopped her climb to popularity with both Fashion Killa and RMPS101.

Ravoshia has 3 main formats for her creative theme which are Me +1, Me +2 , Me +3, which is done by live stage performances, music and creative visuals that highlight with either choreographed or freestyle dance movements in sync with the mannequin’s position and pose.

The main objective is for the mannequins to be used as a part of the performance’s design rather than its usual use. Likewise, the project showcases them as a part of the overall performance as a set creative presentation. Many of her new fans seem to find it difficult to believe that she has been around for quite some time without being really recognized prior to now with Fashion Killa’s recent notary.

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