Entrepreneur Demetrius Jackson is an inspiration to other creators


Life style

Capturing your image, vision and spirit is no hard task for Demetrius Jackson better known as Banga Jaxon. As a film director he makes sure when he is shooting videos, he captures exactly what his clients envision. He definitely has an eye for detail which is important when shooting a video. His brand Lyrikvisuals is taking off and he is a highly requested videographer in Pennsylvania right now. He’s been shooting for 3 years now; he is an experienced and humble film director. 

Banga Jaxon sees his brand as the next lyrical lemonade in two years. He is sure and proud of all the work he has completed with his past and recent clients.  He trusts his craft and takes it seriously. When asked who he would like to collaborate with he responds with, “Everybody that’s positive”. You can count on him to always deliver.

You got a location in mind for your video. He’ll be there, you need more suggestions he can help. With his creative mind and talent in shooting you can expect your video to come out how you would expect it to. Banga Jaxon has an impressive list of people he has worked with. He has worked with YoungChris, Rocky aka Fakebitcheshero, Sukihana and more! If you need a dedicated videographer check him out and let his work speak to you, you won’t be disappointed.

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