Who is Reuel-Azriel?



Let’s dive into Reuel-Azriel and his entrepreneurial life.

Reuel-Azriel known professionally by his stage name “Carta Yisraeli” is not just your typical musical artist. Reuel-Azriel is the Founder/Chairmen of the Corporate Group Track Artist Music, Inc. Track Artist Music is not just your typical record company. It is a full service entertainment company housing a record label, distribution, production, and publishing. 

Reuel-Azriel is a Jewish-American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He serves as the sole owner of Holding Company The Lé Flore Group and is the current founder and CEO of the fashion lifestyle company Counter Culture Sociéte. Reuel Lé Flore is a published author of mystery and business books and is multifaceted in film producing, television producing, and screenwriting.

As chairman and CEO of The Le Flore Group, he oversees a portfolio of brands and interests. These include areas like spirits and beverage, entertainment, media, fragrance, fashion, marketing, and music. Brands and interests include Track Artist Music, Counter Culture Societe, Le Fleur Wine & Spirits, Carta Yisraeli Logistics, and it’s restaurant ventures Chezaray & Marcella a cloud restaurant. 

What’s Next for Reuel-Azriel? 

TAM will begin to offer a Subscription service for artists looking to get their music on streaming platforms. Track Artist Music distribution service will launch October 3, 2020 in hopes of being the #1 independent digital music distribution service. Check out his Site and learn more about his business. 

TAM will offer its subscribers 100% of their royalties not taking any commission. 

Thus, Our mission is to make music be owned by the people. 


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