How To Choose The Right Toilet



A toilet might not be the first thing that you look for in a house, but it is the most important place in which we spend the most amount of our time in a day. If you want the best toilets for your house you must choose them carefully as they say a lot about your taste in elegance and your care for hygiene at the same time. Check out some of the things that you must look for while buying a toilet:


This is quite important and the very first thing that must be considered while buying a toilet. If you are replacing an old toilet, you must stick to the old size. But in the case of a new one, the standard 12-inch model can be abandoned and you can choose a 14 or 10-inch model just to feel revolutionary.


You need to choose the shape of your bowl and decide whether you want a one-piece or two-piece model. And no, we are not talking about your bathing suit here but about your toilet. Make sure that they are comfortable enough and suit your preferences. We suggest you choose single toilets with lesser curves which do not accumulate grime and are easier to clean.


Your bathroom decor will have a certain color and theme. So the color of the decor must be complemented by the color of your toilet. Although the standard color of a toilet is white, you can try and choose a toilet that has shades of other colors as well.


There are two types of flushes. One of them is supported by the gravity flow of the toilet and the second one is operated by pressure. The first type of flush will not need manual handling and the pressure-operated flush will need the use of hands. The water conservation policies must also be considered while using a flush. A huge amount of water is used when a toilet is flushed. If you are an environmentally-conscious person and like to conserve water, use toilet models that do not use too much water to flush.

Bidet Or Combo

You should make your choice on the basis of these factors as well. The bidet will save you the cost of toilet paper over time but building it is costly. Different control switches will be available in your toilet if you use this mechanism. You can control the speed and the temperature of the water in the toilet.


Given above are some of the aspects that you must consider while deciding on a toilet. The list is not exhaustible and you can always choose luxury options like massages or spas in your toilet. If you buy a toilet that does not have these features, you can easily purchase the extra kits from stores. This is the best toilet buying guide that you can go through to get an idea about the things that you will need as an addition to the toilet.

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