How much will it cost to transport the boat?



When it comes to transporting any vehicle it seems quite easier and cost-friendly. But when the cocept is of transporting the boat from one end to the other it gets onto our nerves. Henceforth if you have decided to transport your boat then be prepared because it requires a lot of pre-preparation before you transit it. And coming to its costing details, stay tuned with us.

Costing details

One important thing that you should always remember is the cost of shipping the boat is directly proportional to the size of the boat and the distance traveled by it. Therefore it is necessary to understand the size of the boat before you contact the transporting companies. Below is some estimated price. Refer to them too once.

More information

Size of the boat Shipping Price
Smaller than 9’ $1.50 – $2.50 (per mile)
9’ $1.75 – $2.75 per mile
10’ $2 – $3 per mile
11’ $2.25 – $3.25 per mile
12’ $2.50 – $3.50 per mile
Greater than 12’ $2.75 – $3.75 per mile

Well, this too depends on the shipping mode that you have chosen. There are two such types: the RORO(Row-in Row-Off) or within the container methods. These two methods will also contribute to the rise or drop in the price.

Things that you should know.

Before you plan anything just keep in mind some of the few points that one should know while transporting the boat. Let us have a look over them.

1.Getready with all the documentation.

It is very necessary to understand what are the important documents that you will require while transporting? Collect them and make different sets of copies as you never know where you will need them. Here is the list of entire documents that you will need.

  • ​ License​
  • ​ Passport​
  • ​ VAT​ certificate
  • ​ Visa(​ if asked)
  • ​ BOL​ (Bill of lading)
  • ​ Insurance​ Proof
  • ​ Boat​ title Copy.
  • ​ Bill​ of sail.

2.Lookfor a suitable company.

Make sure that you contact a reputable company. As many organizations work the same but we suggest you go with the most named company. Compare between multiple companies and then go with a particular one.

Ensure that the drivers and the crew members have the complete knowledge of the boat transportation. To select a company you should always check the rating and most importantly the experience it has. Go with a company that has more experience in this field.

3.Prepareyour boat for transit.

Here the owner has to prepare its boat for the move. You should take care of the things that are necessary to mention. For instance, you have to take the proper measurement of the height, width if the possible weight of the boat that needs to be shipped. Also, if your boat has different sorts of belongings remove them as it might get broken. Make sure that you learn about the boat first and then speak to the companies. Also, it then knows which type of boat you need to transport and where.

4.Protectingthe boat.

This is also very important to pay attention at. No matter which is the season and when you are shipping the boat around. You have to keep an eye on one thing and that is wrapping the boat cover along the boat to protect it from the external environment. The boat wrap will protect the boat from heavy rains or dirt, dust, sunlight, and the moisture content around. Therefore take note of this too.


You need to check out the boat thoroughly to make sure that the boat is in good condition or not. You can also take a few pictures for proof that the boat shipped from your side was in the best situation. Also, understand the size of the boat along with its length and width and be

aware of it. Try to create a documentary over it and make sure that your boat needs no repair. Also, keep in mind to clean the boat with hot water before you transit it.

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Shipping the boat from one end to the other can be expensive. Also, you need to gather the complete knowledge regarding the facts. As said first understand the specification of your boat then take further actions.

Contact the companies once after knowing about the boat otherwise, you will just waste your and their time. That’s all for the article.

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