Advantages of Facebook Reviews: You need to know


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Everyone from your next door neighbor to the President has a presence on Facebook. Facebook: the biggest social media platform in the internet. It’s main purpose is to keep up with family, friends, social trends, as well as marketing. Facebook has grown massively to be the  second and most important review site, right between Google and Yelp. With over 1.38 billion active daily users, when it involves digital marketing there’s no avoiding Facebook.

You didn’t need to read this blog to understand that building customer relationships are key. Online reviews are actually a great way to gain trust with a potential customer. Are you aware that 84 percent of individuals trust online reviews even as much as personal recommendation? They are more likely to trust the reviews since they are experiences had by genuine customers.

Along with reviews, customers leave star ratings moreover. Customers can leave star ratings between 1 and 5, and therefore the total average is employed for your final rating. Since the star rating is seen even without clicking through to the Facebook page, it’s easy to achieve potential customers trust.

What are Facebook Reviews?

According to Facebook, 5 star ratings encourage more people to rate a business, making it eligible to be seen in the news feed. This actually helps users discover new businesses, while businesses create greater brand awareness.

Star ratings are integrated into a business Facebook EdgeRank very like Google has its 200 ranking factors, Facebook has an algorithm that determines where your posts will be within the news feed, if they find that’s even if it end up there at all.

EdgeRank is calculated with “affinity,” “weight” and “time decay.” Affinity measures the interaction between a Facebook user and a brand, while weight is that the importance of that action. Star ratings factor into both. Overall brand visibility and organic reach are directly impacted by EdgeRank, which is partly influencedby star ratings.

Why Facebook reviews are important

Reviews don’t only help prospective customers – they also help your business as an owner or employee. Whilst providing customers with high level of trust for your business, they can also help you in analyzing your successes and shortcomings. Reviews are feedback that the complete internet can see, hence why they’re so important. Whether they’re bad or good, they’ll assist you to provide more practical services or improved products.

Reviews provide credibility and proof for your business which in turn boost sales. This is the reason it’s so important to encourage customers to leave them. With around 90% of individuals trusting online reviews even recommendations from family or friends, it’s essential that your reviews paint a decent picture of you. Good reviews will mean prospective customers trust you instantly. This then results in them feeling informed and purchasing as a result. If you have a negative review, expect fewer sales, people are likely to trust the reviews. If they’re bad, they’re likely not going to trust your business or products for fear of getting a negative experience.

How to Get Reviews on Facebook


  • Encourage your customers to check-in on Facebook


Have you noticed that Facebook often prompts visitors that have recently checked-in to a place to leave a review on the platform? This is a simple way to get customers to drop reviews without even having to ask them!


  • Send a Facebook review invitation email


If you don’t ask, you won’t get. one among the simpler ways to get reviews on Facebook pages is to request your customers to leave them. Sending an email to new and old customers to review you on social will bump your review count up in no time. 


  • Write a post to request reviews from your Facebook fans


Got lots of Facebook ‘likes’ but few reviews? Leverage the strength of your fan base and make them to drop you reviews by addressing them with a Facebook post.

You can mention that you have started collecting reviews and would appreciate if your existing customers could help ‘spread the word’. you will be marveled at the number of your page fans are willing to assist you out and leave you a glowing Facebook review.


As you can see, managing facebook reviews and social media posts is not just an easy click. Some of the most effective processes are also the most simple, so don’t overthink it. It is easy to look at other businesses with a lot of positive reviews and feel overwhelmed. 

But the fact is that your reputation is built in every interaction you have got  with your customers. This is built overtime not overnight. If you want to see faster results, you have two options–get more customers or convert more customer interactions into online review

Now that you have learnt how to get reviews on Facebook Business Pages there’s nothing stopping you. Go forth and harness the power of Facebook stars today!

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