5 Tips on Improving Document Security for Small Businesses



So far in 2020, 43% of breach victims were small businesses, and unfortunately 60% of small businesses that experience a hacking go out of business 6 months after being breached.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have proper document security so you can protect against common cyber threats.

Keep reading to learn the 5 tips for improving document security for your small business.

1. Use Secure Document Conversion Software

Find a trusted and secure document conversion software for when you need to change the document types you’re working with. Try something like c# pdf where you actually download a program to convert the files rather than using an online converter.

No matter how you convert documents be sure you’re using something that is secure and doesn’t store your data online.

2. Enforce a Clean Desk’ Policy

A clean desk policy is when you ensure all information, both physical and digital is cleared or locked away with password protection whenever you leave your desk. Even if it’s for one minute, never leave any sensitive information out for wandering eyes.

This also means never leaving your computer on overnight, during extended meetings and lunch breaks. Always turn them off to ensure everything is locked away and can’t be accessed without your knowledge.

3. Shred Physical and Digital Files

When you’re done with a secure document it’s usually second nature to shred it. However, when we think of digital files we don’t delete them the same way.

Typically people drop the old file into the trash and go on with their day. If you’re not regularly clearing your trash you’re leaving an opening for people to come to find your important information. As a precaution try to empty your digital trash daily.

4. Never Connect to Public Wifi

Public Wifi is one of the easiest places for people to hack into your computer and steal your information. Without a password protecting the wifi, anyone can connect to it. So while it’s nice your local coffee shop offers free Wifi, remember that everything comes with a cost, and don’t let that cost be your data.

5. Follow Strict Sharing Protocols

When sharing digital copies it can become easy to share them with an individual, but what happens when that person no longer works with you or goes rogue? How do you ensure you remove their access from all of the files? This is why you should create groups and add individuals to groups, then share the files through the group.

By granting access to groups it’s easier to be secure more consistently and efficiently. If you’re worried about forgetting who’s in what group, out together a directory that shows where everyone is for easy access.

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