Future of Digital Signage! 5 New Trends to Watch Out!


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There is no doubt that digital signage has made a huge impact on the advertising industry but down the lane in the next five to ten years, the role of it will become unimaginable form what it was in the past.

Digital signage has gained its momentum due to its versatility through which it can use the same device and screen to display different kinds of media with much better cost-effectiveness.

Digital signage are currently used to display many kinds of media such as video, text, images, websites, ads etc. It has gained its reach in a very short time due to its rich media experience which normal signage lacks.

The rise of digital signage may be fascinating but hold on, this ain’t in its maximum reach yet. It’s just the beginning to a whole new future of the digital signage.

Here are something that we can be expected during this evolution to the future of digital signage.

#1. Artificial Intelligence 

Obviously, it will become intelligent. Software and everything have started to learn humans. As the evolution of machine learning happens we can expect these digital signage to have a bright future as well.

As they are kept taught by the machine learning practices, they will evolve into a better form where it can study humans and serve them with more personalization and customization.

#2. Interactive Digital Signage are the Future

We don’t think it will take quite a long time to incubate this feature of interactivity to most of the digital signage. One of the top users of digital signage such as hotels and restaurants will soon go for interactive digital signage that responds to touch.

With this feature enabled, you can walk into a store do shop for your dresses in the kiosks or order you food pay your bill and pick it from there.

#3. Cloud-Based Digital Signage are the Future

Now, most of the digital signage are not allowed access to the web. The content is remotely made and is updated in the signage using USB drives. But that will be considered a lot of hassle in the future.

Through all those IaaS companies, it is not too long that all digital signage get access to the web and help then change the content at any time and from anywhere.

#4. Live Streaming 

Ain’t that cool? Who wouldn’t love it! With all those cloud-based technologies enabled, it’s not something to be held back.

With access to the internet, companies, malls, public places will offer to stream live content through these digital signage.

#5. Sensor Enabled Digital Signage

The display system in these digital signage will also add a sensor to it in the near future.

For example, you walk into a restaurant and wish to eat according to your daily calorie intake, the digital display in the menu senses your mobile apps and will suggest you with the right meals and portions! How does it sound? And that’s not just it.

Take you are walking into a clothing store the dual purpose digital signage will be advertising the products to you while also scanning the RFID’s of the products you see and flood you with exclusive offers! This kind of proximity marketing will come in handy as it enhances both the user experience as well as the sales of the stores.

These are just a glimpse, the technology may surprise you with a lot more in the future!

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