Who is Emoedagreat?


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Get to know artist Emoedagreat. His passion for music is taking him far.

Eric Lattimore better known as Emoedagreat  from Gaffney, South Carolina is currently turning heads as he rises as an artist. Emoedagreat has always had a passion for music. His music is way of life and that says a lot.

While recently moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career Emoedagreat achieved a partnership with Youtube earlier this year. This artist knows that he has what it takes to be number one on billboards and we can strongly agree. Emoedagreat says, “I am going to shock the world. This will be the best album ever!” Referring to his upcoming album “Bugatti Truck Music” which features his first solo single “No Kap” one of many hits off the album. This album will be set for release in January 2021. The way to describe his music is a combination of Hip Hop, R&B and pop with a soulful vibe on banging tracks. In fact he can create any type of music. This artist has no limit to his style.

Emoedagreat is so versatile and talented, he says he wants to be the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre! Talk about ambition right? He is definitely working towards something great. Speaking about working towards something great, not only is he an artist he is also pursuing a career in acting! Aside from making new music you can catch him creating TikToks, Skits and short films. He is seriously driven.

Emoedagreat wants to leave a platform and business for his kids to continue the legacy. He influences himself because he tells us what he is trying to accomplish he thinks too many artists have not done. In conclusion this artist is reaching for the stars and achieving his goals daily. Check out his earlier release dropping on August 15th at midnight called “My Go” it is available now on all streaming platforms. Go ahead and Pre-save that today

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