Key Features of Europa Road In Transportation Of Oversized Machinery



Transportation of oversized cargo is the most difficult task for any transportation company. This is because oversized goods exceed the size and weight limit and they cannot be divided or dismantled to be transported separately. There is a large factory of a big German car manufacturer in Győr and they need many heavy machinery to be transported to this city, if you need this service too for good price, you have to know this sentence “jó volna, ha nekem is olcsó lenne a nehézgép szállítás Győr irányába.” 


During the process of transportation, there are some key factors that Europa Transport follows. Some of them are given below:

1. Personalized services:

Europa Road provides personalized services for logistics and international transportation. Along with that, they keep a check on the quality of their services. They believe that it is their prime duty to deliver the cargo safely and on time.

2. World-class services:

One of the most important factors that they keep a check on is the cost involved. Their price point might be a bit high but the service that they provide is world-class. They charge according to the license required, logistical software, or insurance. The cheap price might cause a lack of all three things. This will lead to the loss of the customers and in turn losses for the company.

3. Secure:

They believe in doing all the work legally and safely. That’s why they have cargo insurance and liability insurance from one of the renowned and respectable companies, the Vienna Insurance Group.

4. Multiplatform:

They also deal with the international transportation of ADR, containers, and bulk along with oversized and overweight cargo with proper logistics, insurance, and administration.

5. A detailed letter is provided:

Before finalizing any order they provide detailed information on the mode of transportation, type of transport vehicles, and a written offer letter according to the customer’s need.

6. Take care of the client’s values:

Europa Road is a client-driven company. They believe in keeping the demands and needs of their clients at the top of the priority list. In a case of any mishap, they have a proper insurance policy in place for their clients. This way, clients will face minimal loss.

7. Timely delivery:

They try their best to complete all the orders within a fixed timeframe. Unfortunately, it is difficult to transport in a short period of time to places like Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, or Greece.


Good and trusted transportation service is the key to do good international trades. Whether it is import or export of the oversized and overweight cargo, Europa Road takes all the safety measures and fulfills orders in the required timeframe. Europa Road have experience of almost 20 years without any complaints, and this makes them the best in their field. There are many key factors that may affect the transportation of overweight and oversized machinery but Europa Road knows all the tactics and processes to get it done very well.

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