Intensify Your Typing Speed



To learn typing for the beginners you must be looking for a way to type without looking at the keyboard. But how to do it?

You can learn keyboard typing with the help of various keyboard layouts and tutorials. There are a number of free typing lessons for beginners that are available to simplify the learning process. If you are practicing the same with consistency then the keyboard can soon become a part of your hand.

Tip For Quick Typing For Beginners

Follow the golden rule- when you are all set to start typing, try to avoid the vision, i.e., entirely block the keyboard vision. You have to focus on the screen after positioning your fingers on the keyboard. Once the basic positioning of the fingers is done you can feel the finger bumps on the letter ‘F’ and ‘J’. The only way to learn touch metoden is to practice the letters. As soon as you get to know the major keys of the keyboard you can master the art of typing.

Make sure to periodically test the speed of your keyboard typing. It will help you to analyze the progression in the speed and the accuracy of typing. Another important thing to keep in mind is to know the number of typed words per minute. It will indicate your typing speed and level.

If you are dissatisfied with your typing results then you can go back to the typing for beginners tutorial and start practicing.

Practice Fundamentals

There are many techniques that you can get your hands on for learning touch metoden. But the most established technique is the ten-finger method. In this method, you have to practice the exact finger positioning and start blind typing on the keyboard. With consistent practice, you can minimize the error rate.

Advantages Of Touch Metoden Typing

Using quick techniques for increasing your typing speed can have a number of professional as well as personal advantages. The prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • Speed- The speed that you will achieve with quick typing will save you precious time and you can multitask with ease
  • Efficiency- As you do not have to entirely focused on hitting the single keyboard keys, you can concentrate on the essence of your typing
  • Ergonomics- A consistent eye on the keyboard may lead to an unhealthy posture.

Do I Have To Type Using All The Fingers?

Many users find themselves puzzled about using all their fingers for typing. The optimal condition for quick typing is using all the fingers. As it results in fast typing speed you can work in a more relaxed manner. However, if it is difficult for you to get rain typing technique or if you have developed anatomical troubles and cannot use all the fingers then you can use a few fingers.


The ultimate key to conquer the art of computer typing is to understand the position of the keys and the frequent movement of your fingers upon them. You can utilize this technique without giving long thought to the typing.

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