5 best travel destination you must see



The world is much more beautiful than we thought. Here are many serval places to visit to enjoy the beauty of nature. Travelling is a hobby for many people. If someone really wants to do travelling in some excellent places then something we can suggest. Here we are going to suggest five best travel destination which you must see once in your life.

1. Nepal:

The Nepal tourism sector was hard hit when the earthquake in 2015 reached 7.8 grades. For two years, an attempt has been made to rebuild facilities and essential sites. Those who try to reach the peak of the world are in Nepal under Mount Everest. But this nation of South Asia, nestled among Tibet and India, has a lot more to offer adventure seekers, which include trekking, safaris, paragliding and biking. Kathmandu, the country’s capital, is plenty of crowded streets and old temples if you want to explore urban areas.

2. Burma:

Because of the military dictatorship which ruled the country, Myanmar (formerly Burma) was not visited for several decades. While Myanmar is now accessible to visitors, it has always been mistaken for Thailand and Vietnam’s most famous neighbors. Yet maybe it’s going to change. Another thing to have in consideration is travel with a suitable luggage can make the trip more comfortable. For using a comfortable luggage, you can check ricardo luggage reviews costco. Myanmar is renowned for the Golden Land of Bagan, a vast region developed between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, with more than 2000 temples and pagodas. It is possible to visit this magnificent scenery on foot or by bike, but balloons give a glimpse of life.

3 Mongolia:

Mongolia is regarded as the ‘Country of Everlasting Blue Sky’ with over 250 days of sunlight each year. It’s a genuinely fantastic sight, and one of the least-populated nations in the world. Mongolia, a haven for adventure enthusiasts, is an excellent platform for hiking, walking, or dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert and offers a trek to the heart. Anywhere (yes, actually) you can set up camp. And obviously if your luggage is easy to carry then everything will get easier. Ricardo luggage is on of it so you can check the ricardo luggage reviews. Indeed, half the population of the country still has a nomadic way of living, travelling forever and putting its equipment (white tents) wherever it stops. But this number is declining because more continue to stay in cities in a simple form. So, if you’d like to experience Mongolia ‘s authenticity the quickest time. Mongolians are not much like to eat chicken, and the meal is no longer delicate lamb dishes. We bought a herd of sheep during our stay with a nomadic family, which our drivers slaughtered, roasted and served humanely. We become in an infinite way more humane and healthier than usual as we purchase prepared and perfectly packed meat from our supermarkets. This only courageousness offered the adults and eagles who have too much sky to a bit of goat. The herd had a decent life and autonomous life, unlike the sad cousins raised in the mass agriculture network.

4. Serbia:

All of the attention is drawn to Western Europe. This includes places such as France, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. It is not really shocking. However, those who have visited these places already or would like to experience some other side of the region are waiting to see their new East European trip.   For a wonderful trip like this you can also check ricardo suitcase review. Serbia is only one of the region’s developing economies. Belgrade ‘s capital is not one but two rivers because it sits at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Sava.With the footpaths, it is easy to get to the significant buildings and the most beautiful nightlife in Europe in the historic district of the middle ages. Surely this gem of the city is not long concealed!

5. Sri-Lanka:

India is currently a popular tourist destination, but it’s very challenging to get about. Travelers turn to Sri Lanka for a comparable trip, albeit without problems, which is rich with tradition, community, and traditions. The country has a vast number of faunae, lions, leopards, lazy tigers and buffalos in the Yala National Park. Or by rail to see the country’s lovely scenery. For a fun ride from Colombo to Jaffna, take the Yale Devi Train. In Arugam Bay, golden sandy beach south-east of the island can be identified for waves. You can pick your own Sri Lankan adventure, but get there to experience its riches before anyone!


These five places we discussed above is suitable to travel anytime. You can travel places like Nepal, Myanmar, Mongolia, Serbia and Sri Lanka to enjoy quality time and see many historical places. You definitely should go to these countries to feel the beauty of nature and various culture.

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