IceTre Fights The Power With Slime To Tha 5



The Idaho rapper 2020’s album is a quant portrayal of an ever-growing artist whom is constantly perfecting his craft. IceTre finds new ways to project and market the very music that his fans have come to love.

In 2019, IceTre signed a 2 year contract with BMI, which added him onto the Universal Music Publishing Group roster as an artist and songwriter while effectively landing him under the Universal Music Group umbrella. EMPIRE Distribution currently houses his record label, Blazington Music Group.

IceTre released his third studio album “28”, in October, which includes “House Party” featuring vocals from fellow label mate, Miscellaneous, and “Trophy” which boasted a guest verse from Epic Record’s artist Vinny Chase. The deluxe album contains unreleased material including a collaboration with ‘Kato On The Track’ titled “Block Party”

In quarantine, IceTre has had a lot of down time to reflect on his own growing process. The time became well-spent as he touched down to many different topics while he embossed himself into the studio. On his new album, Slime To Tha 5, the listener is hearing a message to the people, to the streets, and to the world.

The intro is an instant classic; Understand Me brings forth the true feelings that we all have and can resonate with. Everything contained within the first track has strong and clear meaning that wraps and swells up into the other line — casting a cloud of clarity over the lyrics. This is the IceTre who is willing to show case his mistakes but self admits that he can attain a legendary status if he remains on the right path. An envious beginning to an album; Solid, not soft.

Radio Raheem is a gritty turn into the darker times of today and yesterday. Reflecting on police brutality we see that life imitates art and movies imitate life. IceTre references material from Spike Lee’s notorious movie, Do The Right Thing, and further brings up the untimely passing of George Floyd. This has to be IceTre’s most powerful song in terms of feeling the rawest emotion.

IceTre’s particular jump into the rap game seems almost magical; His production team, Dracula Gang, has become a powerhouse within the Blazington Music Group label. Showcasing many attributes, Dracula Gang has landed many tracks upon IceTre’s Slime To Tha 5 album and many projects in the past and the future to come. The best example of the production is Crystal Ball, where we see some of the deepest lyrics we’ve heard in a long time. IceTre is lyrically gifted once the pen hits the paper, so to speak.

The juggling rhythm of Slime To Tha 5 seems to break the cornerstone of the establishment. Broad strokes into the impulse while communicating the fashionable and consistent flow of energy that the album brings. With an album as lucrative and diverse as Slime To Tha 5 it’s no mystery that IceTre gets the respect he deserves.

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