Author expects to receive the Nobel Prize for new books – ‘The Science of Physics – Proof That God Exists’ and ‘Remaking Humans’



Most important Scientific Discovery in history!

Albert Einstein, up to the day he died, attempted to prove that ‘The Force’ existed but the math proved to be too much even for this magnificent brain. We invented a new number for this purpose and came up with the world’s most important mathematical formula – easy enough for anyone to understand and use in their daily lives.

It all started with the discovery of the God Particle. From here, we could infer that the universe was created for a reason. Moving along to the next most important discovery in Science, we learned that when electrons become entangled – like two people meeting at a bar – they may fall in love and never forget about their new lover. When the state of one of these sub-atomic life forms changes, the other ‘married’ partner changes its state to counter-act their lover. This happens regardless of distance with zero time expanded. Clearly something magical is happening. Einstein called this ‘Spooky action at a distance’ and refused to believe it possible, until evidence proved that it was not only possible, but shown to happen over and over in the laboratory. Future computers – Quantum Computers – are being designed today to exploit this new knowledge about our most basic and fundamental force of Electro-magnetism.

“From the day that Charles Darwin taught us about Evolution and Natural Selection – things have been unsettled in the realm of human spirituality because it is one of our most basic instincts that God exists and loves us, while ‘Darwinism’ propounded that all life has evolved on this planet merely by accident, or random chance – no evidence of any Creative Force anywhere. But – new knowledge propounded in this book shows that Darwin was only partially correct and that ‘Random Selection’ can now be replaced confidently to become known as ‘Artificial Selection’. This means that Evolution of our species is no longer left to chance and instead will be directed by us as a direct ‘pay-it-forward’ to our Creator and carried forth by a form of intelligence that is based on our own intelligence, but is highly improved, streamlined, immortal and without all or most of our human flaws.”

Michael Mathiesen – Author – Remaking Humans and The Science of Physics – Proof that God Exists

The Science Of Physics explains a new formula that is literally an I.O.U. between you and the universe. Either the universe owes us all or we all owe the universe. The energy goes both ways at all times. A new number, created by the author – Zero to the exponent of Infinity explains our place in the universe and the placement of all other energies in a simple easy-to-understand summary of the Laws Of Physics. You may think that the latest Cosmological theories like String Theory and the Multi-verse is far beyond your poor powers to discern amongst them, but it’s so easy, it boggles the mind.

In Remaking Humans, this knowledge goes further and asks us to make the most important decisions in our long and eventful history because we appear to be on the verge of extinction and we will need every brain cell put to the solution of the knottiest problem we have ever faced. Artificial Selection requires us to use every part of our technology to weed out the darker parts of our survival instincts that have delivered us a planet that will soon be unable to support us or any other life forms. The danger lies in not using the process of gene editing where we can literally design a new form of human that cannot allow the Earth and all life on it to die.

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This author is a prolific author, having published over 100 books and audible books in Science and Science Fiction and sold more copies than most authors sell in a lifetime.

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