Helpful tips for designing your bedroom and promoting better sleep



The bedroom can easily be the most multi-functional room in your home – it can act as a library, office, or laundry room. Regardless of that, it is a haven for sleep – so you need to make it a luxurious space in your home, and ensure it allows you to experience maximum levels of comfort and relaxation. 

If you want to make your bedroom a better space for your sleep and comfort, here are some tips that will hopefully help you out. We will also include some tips that will help you choose the most optimal options for colors, furniture, as well as styles.

Choose a good mattress

Getting the best sleep every night could simply involve you getting a high-quality mattress other than aiming to look for Overstock furniture. You will struggle to get proper sleep if your mattress is too soft, hard, or lumpy, because you are struggling to get comfortable.

There are many mattress types in the market, and every type has its manufacturers that ensure you get more comfort and better sleep quality. When you are shopping for a mattress, follow these steps:

  • Know the size of mattress you require – whether it is a full-size, king-size or queen-size. This is because it might be the reason you cannot sleep well, especially if you share a bed with a partner or spouse.
  • Do your homework. You do not want to be confused about the options in the market. Mattresses are also expensive, so you do not want to regret buying one.
  • When you have settled on a mattress type that you want, always test it out before purchasing it. If the manufacturer or seller offers a guarantee like 60-day or 30-day guarantees, take advantage of that. In addition, do not be afraid to lie on the mattress in the supermarket and see how it feels.

Promote darkness in the room during bedtime

It is common knowledge among sleep experts and doctors that sleep is governed by the circadian rhythm, and this rhythm is governed by the dark-light cycle. Therefore, the light amounts in your bedroom will ultimately affect the quality of your sleep.

The problem is that we live very busy lifestyles today, and it is distracting us from the calm and dark environment that you require for a good sleep. There are plenty of modern devices such as TV screens, computers, digital clocks, and smartphones, which you need to remove from your bedroom. If there are devoices that need to be in your bedroom though, such as a phone, hide it away and switch off any electronic devices that can stay off throughout the night.

Check the air temperature before you sleep

Temperature can instantly affect how you sleep – you can easily see it when it is a cold night, and you cannot sleep because you are trying to warm up your body; or it is too hot and you are tossing and turning because you are sweating so much and want to cool down.

A simple solution if your room is too hot or cold is to alter the thermostat. You can also get a portable heater for those cold winter nights, a ceiling fan for the summer, or window treatments and heavy blinds. These will help maintain the darkness in the room and prevent the conditions from outside the room to affect the temperatures in the room.

Choose soothing sounds and colors

While choosing a bright color scheme ensures your room is fun, it is not always best to use them in a bedroom setting – save them for your living room or kitchen. If you have problems with falling asleep, choose muted colors like pastels, greens, and muted blues, as they are more peaceful. If the bright colors are an option, use them in limited settings such as artwork or accents on your pillows.

Soothing sounds can also help promote better sleep, like soft wind chimes or a babbling brook. You can hang some wind chimes in the room, or play the sounds on a CD player or electronic device.



Hopefully, one or more of these tips will help you to get better rest and sleep in your bedroom, and enjoy the room as much as possible.  

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