Lyriplex Develops New Tool Allowing Customizable Marketing Campaigns



Okay so you’ve distributed your song to Spotify & Apple Music. Great! Now what?

Recently, personalized music advertising has become one of the very most effective ways artists use to promote new music and improve sales. Delivering the proper message to the right consumer (at the right time, on a great platform) will have your message standing out above the rest.

Many Indie Music PR Firms have similar cookie cutter plans that include the basics without room for any changes to your package. However, we noticed something different at Lyriplex. The public relations agency out of Los Angeles has created a tool that gives musicians the freedom to design a campaign that fits their needs.

Affordable music PR is important to all emerging artists from hip hop to rock to pop music. With Lyriplex’s Campaign Creator Tool you can start music promotions for as low as $21. For those looking to take a more aggressive approach, the tool allows clients increase their budget slightly above $7500 which includes placements such as FOX, CBS, NBC, radio interviews, playlisting & endorsement deals.

America’s Got Talent singer Andrew De Leon says “You have to be fearless and go for it”. He then adds “Lyriplex is helping artists achieve their goals and that’s really really awesome.”

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