What Are Psychics and What Services Do They Offer?



Psychic mediums are people with a very developed extrasensory perception that allows them to tap in to a whole new realm of consciousness. Psychics and their traditional practices have been present in all cultures for centuries. Currently, with contemporary psychic services it is easier than ever to find your preferred medium and book a service with them.

Each psychic will provide different services based on their abilities. These includes telepathy, healing, psychometry and clairvoyance. Using these abilities, and tools such as tarot decks, objects, photos and pendulums, they can give you insight you may be seeking into your life.

Psychometry refers to someone’s ability to be able to sense information from an  unknown object they have made physical contact with. This is said to be done through the energy field around the object. People can bring in any object or photo they wish to be read from.

Tools such as pendulums are also used in psychic reading for finding out more information. This can be done through a simple process where the pendulum is asked yes or no questions. The way they swing, will point to the answer.

Most of us have heard of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck by now, originally published in 1910, this is one of the most popular decks to use. This is filled with archetypes and symbolism, a major arcana and minor arcana. Psychics use these to perform readings through an energy exchange between the person seeking the reading, and them.

This energy then goes into the deck and when cards are shuffled, drawn and arranged in a sequence, each one symbolises something significant in the seekers life. Sometimes questions, or intentions are given to the deck prior to shuffling, drawing and arranging the cards.

Channelling is a popular and ancient service, where the person performing the service is said to be taken over by the spirit temporarily for the purpose of communication. This is said to be a powerful technique, and can be used to connect with spirit guides or the spirits of people and entities who have passed.

Clairvoyance is a popularly sought after service, the ability allows psychics to sense information about an object, person, location or physical event through their extrasensory perception. Sometimes this can be combined with psychometry, and flashes of sensory perception can come to psychic when they touch or see an object.

Psychic healing, or energy healing is also a service many mediums provide. This can be done through many methods, such as reiki, contact healing, distance healing, biofield healing and crystal healing. These are all unique practices, and some, such as reiki, require initiation by acknowledged masters of the healing category.

Empaths are also a type of psychic, who are said to pick up more information than the average joe from objects and people.

These mediums are highly sensitive to their environment and once they calm their mind down, can often read information from the energy field around them. They can use this to pick up information about their clients and their inquiries during readings.

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