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You might have heard of many success stories in which people worked hard to get where they are, but this one is different. We are talking about a guy who made $100,000+ from just $50 by trading Forex during his college hours and at home. This is the story of FxLifestyle. FxLifestyle’s original name Is Samir Tahir but he is mainly known as FxLifeStyle. This man earned this position for himself, not with hard work but smart work. He dropped out of college when he was 17 years old because he knew that he could earn a lot of money by trading Forex, and he wanted to do it full time. He finally started doing it properly and earned a great amount of money at the age of 21. Now, he Is 25, he is a full time Forex Trader and a day trader. He is one of the most popular millionaire Forex traders at his age who now runs a company that teaches others like him who want to earn by trading known as

The early Life Of FxLifestyle

FxLifestyle was born in the capital city of England, London. His parents were not doing well for themselves, as he described, and his family spent a lot of time in poverty. FxLifestyle’s father came to the UK with nothing to his name and was not even a native English speaker. He saw his parents struggle a lot to make ends meet. He realized that he wanted to do something so that the situation could end. FxLifestyle wanted to be successful. He started trading and saw that he was able to make around $1000 every week, which made him take the decision to drop out of college and start trading professionally. This is what became the turning point in his life.

What Is FxLifeStyle?

FxLifeStyle is Samir’s company through which he shares his trade details with all his subscribers and followers. He puts up all the details and the exact things that he does while trading so that all his followers can emulate what he is doing. This way if he makes a profit, they will make a profit too. He thought about this when he started getting great profits from his tactics, he thought that he can help out more people like him who want to improve their lifestyle.

Samir is 25 years old and has a great life now. He really achieved what he wanted to. FxLifeStyle has more than 55,000 active members now. He is also popular on social media – he has over 300,000 followers on various social media accounts. He also owns a YouTube channel where he shows off his luxurious lifestyle and has gained more than 52,000 subscribers there as well. He is a man who has achieved success in all the spheres of life. He is known worldwide for becoming successful because of his smart work. He has a mind that does wonder when it comes to trading and that is what has given him his luxury lifestyle. He is grateful for what he has and thats why FxLifeStyle was created  so he can give everyone the help that he wish he had.

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