Huawei: Breaking The Myths With Technology And Services



Finally, it is time that the world experiences a change in mobile networking technology. 5G is going to come and it will be changing everything that we did till now. The problem is that there are many misconceptions about this, the world is excited but these misconceptions do scare some people away. This article will let people know what is true and what is not. 5G will not have any negative impact on the security of the users, rather it will increase it.

Below are 6 myths that people have about Huawei and this technology, let’s take a look and understand them. Below is everything about Huawei:

  1. Huawei Offers The Cheapest Gadgets Because It Gets Funding From The Chinese Government

FACT: Huawei has never said that they have the cheapest gadgets, they have smartphones that go up to the price of 80k and above and that is not cheap in any sense. Their products have the values that are genuine in the market, there are many competitor companies like HOnor that have cheaper phones.

  1. The 5G Technology Of The Company Lacks Relevance And Isn’t As Advanced As It Looks

FACT: According to a reputed intellectual property consultancy, CPA Global, Huawei has the most number of patents of 5G technology. Saying that Huawei’s 5G technology is not as advanced as it looks, people have tried to compare it with companies that are not even offering the technology yet. They have been researching this technology for quite a long time now and they know what will be better for the customers.

  1. Western Values Are Ignored By Huawei

FACT: The most important values related to technology in the west are the right to security and privacy and both of these are respected by Huawei. They have always respected them as much as all other countries like the USA do. Customer’s security is something that they never compromise with. They follow all the rules that are mentioned in GDPR and make sure that their customers feel safe while using their devices.

  1. Stealing Of Intellectual Property

FACT: They are the biggest producers of telecommunications products in the world. There are many telecom operators who buy from them worldwide and they have always done well. This would never have been possible if they were really stealing intellectual property.

  1. Huawei Gear Removal Is Cheap And Easy

FACT: Replacing network equipment is quite common due to the change in technology and trends. But replacing Huawei gear demands higher costs as estimated by the U.S. governments. This means that the ripping of Huawei can have serious impacts on the economy and the personal life of people. Also, it may result in thousands of people being deprived of cellphones, laptops, or internet service.

  1. Harmful Backdoors Are Hidden In The Products

FACT: It is quite evident that the Chinese government does not have any control over private companies headquartered within its borders. The Chinese law does not give Beijing any right to pressurize telecommunication equipment firms to install any kind of harmful backdoors or listening devices in their products. The laws make it clear for the government as well as companies not to engage in any activity that might compromise network security.

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