Designer glasses brands that take eyewear design to another level!



Eyeglasses have always served as powerful style statements! Be it conveying your personality or correcting your vision, eyeglasses do it all flawlessly. But have you wondered why eyeglasses have become popular as style accessories? That’s because they are subtle to look at but can make very powerful impressions. And if you know this, you have probably looked at guides that tell you which frames go with your face.

And yes, although we make sure our glasses have the perfect shape to suit our faces; it’s time we think about the brands we’re buying from. Why am I saying this?

Because in this era of the internet, where we see an ad for every YouTube video we watch, where Facebook suggests us products/brands based on our activity, we have become consumers of a lot of information every day.

With more eyewear brands launching into the market, we have been pushed into consuming many more advertising tactics than usual. And so, it is natural to be confused about which brand we should pick our glasses from!

To help you come to a decision, we have handpicked a few designer glasses brands that offer bold and quirky eyewear of the highest quality. So, have a quick look at this list of designer glasses brands out of these are your favourites.


1. Calvin Klein

The famous fashion designer that sells coats, jeans, fragrances and innerwear is known for its unique eyewear designs from. Calvin Klein glasses live up to their name and provide a little something extra. They infuse luxury and something new in all of their designs and this makes them so popular with everybody.

The CK sunglasses are a classic but if you’re buying prescription glasses, looking at their cat-eyes and browlines is a must! And the best part about CK—they are stylish, chic with prices not so high!

2. Ted Baker

Ted Baker—a ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’ is a great brand for buying your new glasses from. With cat-eyes, aviators, metal frames, and many more designs, Ted Baker has it all! And the best part is that their designs are uniquely different from all your regular frames. Known for its Non-ordinary designs, Ted Baker glasses have designs, colour palettes and patterns that are unlike any other known eyewear brand.

If you’re on the lookout for glasses that are a good different, buying a Ted Baker to add to your collection is recommended. So, stand out from the black-frame crowd and give your looks a bonus!

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3. Tom Archer

An in-house brand from Specscart, Tom Archer is a great choice if you’re looking for something at affordable prices. An emerging brand that has made a spot in the top designer glasses brands, Tom Archer glasses check all on the ‘Everything you need in a pair of glasses’ checklist. Offering designs for prescription and non-prescription glasses, Tom Archer glasses are a favourite among consumers.

If you like any Tom Archer frames from Specscart; you can try four of them at home for a week! And if at the end of the week, you like a pair, just get it shipped to you for no extra charge.


4. Hackett

Hackett was launched in 1979 in London, way before it started producing its glasses. Famous for its menswear collection, Hackett is a great brand to add to your eyewear collection. The pair of Hackett London glasses that you should buy would be the rectangular frame designs. Their mix-material frames are also a good choice if you want to stand out.

Where to buy these classic designer glasses brands?

One place: Specscart. With stores in Walkden and Bury (Manchester) and hundreds of designs available online, Specscart should be your first choice if you reside in the UK.

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