JamesDJJ is coming back with his new single “Alice”, discover which meaning the song deeply has



Finally after a 8 month break from the music scene, JamesDJJ announces his upcoming single “Alice”.

The singer announced publicly the name of his next song just today, June 15th, and he also officially announced the release date of “Alice”, on the 17th of June.

Although JamesDJJ announced the song just few hours ago, in the past week a song with the same name was uploaded to some publishing services, so some people had a sneak peak of his new single, however this is the first time that the official cover of the single is revealed.

The artist confirmed that he is going to answer some of the question that he will receive in this 2 days, however the biggest questions that the world are asking are actually 2:

  1. Is the single “Alice” going fo anticipate the next album of JamesDJJ, and is it contained in it?
  2. If “Alice” is part of #J2 , his next (unnamed at the moment) album, when is going to be announced the album?

After his last hit song “1 Year”, JamesDJJstept forward from the music scene, appearing sometimes in fashion shows and on his Instagram account @james.djj, in the last song, that had as a main theme romance (not directly confirmed by the artist), there weren’t mentions about anyone, so is the upcoming single “Alice” a reveal of the past song protagonist? And is JamesDJJ in love or in a relationship with her?

This questions can be answered only by JamesDJJ in person, and he is actually giving the opportunity to have an answer of some of this question, in the Q&A that he is going to release with some of his fans, the jamerzs, questions, however is very unlikely that the artist is going to open about his love life, but whe hope that this question will be soon answered.

In the end, whe should only wait for the release of “Alice” on june 17th and wait for JamesDJJ to answer some of this questions.


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