Mauricio Rosero, the influencer who went viral for his motivating content



There are very few people who truly speak for the oppressed ones when it comes to their freedom. In fact, they try to avoid such issues where they could be charged by the tyrant government or condemned by mighty people for speaking for the rights of persecuted ones. But Mauricio Rosero has proved to be the true leader in this regard. He raised his voice against the government of Latin America which is continuously violating the rights of Venezuelans.


Mauricio was born in Bogota, the capital of Columbia. Starting his career as a young actor, photographer, singer, and writer, he truly gained popularity as a young motivator and social media influencer. His personality is a combination of certain qualities such as being serious and responsible in his work, showing dedication to make his dreams come true, and having a fair-minded and non-partisan approach towards life problems. His leadership quality and entrepreneurship mindset have led him to achieve high goals and bring positive impacts to humans’ life through his social media content. His high dedication towards his work has inspired many people which is obvious from his fan following over 169000 on Instagram. He uses the social media platform for his noble cause i.e. to speak for the rights of subjugated people.


He became popular at such an early age i.e. only 29 years. So, what’s the reason for that? Actually, Mauricio loves to help others. He participates in various social volunteering activities which are purely meant for aiding the deprived ones. He worked in many non-governmental organizations which led him to go to the United Nations in December 2018 to participate in an important SDG summit. He loves facing challenges that come in his way while working for others’ rights. Being a social media activist and a role model for the general public, he always gives a message of optimism and a positive approach towards overcoming these challenges.


Recently, he became a social media hero when he talked for the rights of Venezuelans who are seeking freedom from their Latin American government in one of his videos that he uploaded on Instagram. The video gathered over 2.25 million views until now. Despite being Columbian, he supported Venezuelans’ cause of struggling for better conditions and quality of life. He condemned the government’s greed for power and money which has caused disputes among the people and left negative consequences in the form of social inequality, hatred, and violence towards the government, resulting in so many causalities. The citizens followed the path of social civil disobedience which was the only option left with them to fight against the injustices that are committed to them.


In these circumstances, Mauricio Rosero came forward as a freedom fighter and decided to play his part by making a video. Knowing that mainstream media is badly influenced by the government, he used the power of social media to convey his message to Venezuelans. In the video, he talked about the sacrifices made by the Venezuelan people in the last two decades, him losing his brothers and friends, and motivated them that they are ones with good in their hearts and souls. He expressed his love for Venezuela and its people and concluded with a message of peace that battles against dirty politics can only be won with love and not hate. He received a warm welcome from the public for his pure emotions and support to the poor Venezuelans. Many people are appreciating him for his brave stent that he played against the despots.


Mauricio is a perfect exemplary, believing in commitment and hard work to achieve a certain goal. He motivates the people through his inspirational words and inducement on his social media accounts. He truly believes in his philosophy of motivating by “holding on to the plan”. His success is also credited to his family which has supported him during his education and career. His twin brother has an Instagram account enjoying the fan followers over 150000 but still supports Mauricio in his cause despite having different approaches towards interacting with the public. In short, Mauricio is the true symbol of entrepreneur, writer, singer, photographer, and an inspirational motivator to the youth as well as adults.





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