7 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Malaysia



Malaysia, the country separated by the South China Sea, is the home to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

To visit all of Malaysia’s stunning sites would take a lifetime. If you could only choose a few, this list will definitely help you decide.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most beautiful places to visit in Malaysia.

Places to Visit in Malaysia

When it comes to Malaysia, there is always something to explore. From rainforests to beaches to mountainous landscapes, there is always something beautiful to look at. From snorkeling to hiking, there is always something fun to do!

1. Melaka

Melaka (previously Malacca) should be at the top of any list when it comes to places to visit in Malaysia. Being the oldest city in Malaysia it is full of culture and history. If you want to be immersed in the Malaysian way of life, this is the place to be.

2. Penang

While Penang might be a more populated area being a city, it’s an important stop on any trip to Malaysia. The Penang municipal council commissioned street art to add beauty and fun to the district.

You can’t visit Penang without stopping at Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm.

3. Cameron Highlands

At 1,000 metres above the Malay peninsula, the Cameron Highlands is a breathtaking view that can’t be missed when you visit Malaysia. The landscape is made up of a mixture of rainforest and tea fields.

4. Pulau Sipadan

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia, known for its white sand off the coast of Borneo. This is the ideal location to see hammerhead sharks and endangered sea turtles while snorkeling.

5. The Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are two of Malaysia’s beautiful destinations. Perhentian Kecil is the smaller of the two and known for snorkeling during the day and partying at night. Perhentian Besar is the larger of the islands and is the more family-oriented of the two.

6. Bako National Park

Bako National Park is known for its rocks stacks and rugged cliffs on the edge of the South China Sea. It also has a walkthrough path that explores the rainforest and coves where you can see proboscis monkeys and monitor lizards.

National parks and nature reserves are very popular places to visit in Malaysia.

Some other national parks/nature reserves worth visiting while in Malaysia are:

  • Gunung Mulu National Park
  • Lambir Hills National Park
  • Semenggoh Nature Reserve
  • Taman Negara National Park
  • Niah Caves National Park
  • Endau-Rompin National Park

7. Danum Valley

Danum Valley is for the more fearless adventurers. Nearly untouched by humans, it remains the habitat for some of the world’s most endangered animals. Luckily, the ecosystem remains unharmed and free from deforestation and deadly poachers.

Malaysia Needs to Be on Your Bucketlist

Add these destinations to your list of places to visit in Malaysia. Hidden in this country are some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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