Flyreef brings substance to the industry!



Who is Flyreef?

Born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn,Ny, Flyreef was brought up in a single parent home with a Muslim background. Although raised by his single mom, she made sure she still kept him the latest fashion. At the age of 10 flyreef began rapping with influences like Jay-Z, fabulous, DMX, and Biggie, which he has some relation to through his mother side of the family. As flyreef grew older he kept the eye for fashion that his mother had given him.

Deciding to embrace his religion more, he began pushing the name Shareef which is where his name flyreef derived from. A turning point in life came when flyreef mother was hospitalized and comatose, which forced the coming of age to happen sooner. Years later flyreef mother passed away and he expresses his love and honor for her everyday by doing what he loves the most, music. This was a tough pivotal point in his career, but he wanted to honor her and pursue his dream. He also has his kids to think of. Being a successful musician is very important. He has been writing since he was 7 years old so music has always been an important thing in his life. He used his music to vent on his environment and solely write about his own life experiences and current situations. Flyleef is aware that he is a very lyrical artist, but it does not affect any ability to create a hit track. Flyleef wants to have substance and good subject matter in his content. He says “I tried to keep it balanced”.

Flyreef has been seeing a lot of success from his music recently. He has been featured on major interviews including an interview with Hoodrich on Sirius FM radio. He spoke on not only his music, but his higher awareness and intelligence which is refreshing ! Flyreef is fluent in not only 1 language, but 4 including Spanish, Arabic, English and French. Flyreef also enjoys cooking. He says “They think cause I’m skinny I can’t get down in the kitchen, but they’re wrong”. You can expect to see a lot of new content and Flyleef on all publications. He does this for his children and will continue to stay dedicated and keep expanding within the industry. You can check out his Spotify ! He has new content released. Also check out his Sirius FM Hoodrich interview and understand who he is an artist. Join his journey !

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