Weather in United States



Being a bigcountry, the contiguous United States is home to a big range of climates.
Anyway, in general it has continental climate, with chill winters and warm
summers, and with a different season duration depending on distance and
latitude from the area. There are anyway, some exceptions: on the west coast
overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the climate is damp and chill in the northern
part and Mediterranean in the southern party, on the coast of Gulf of Mexico,
the climate is mild in winter and muggy and warm in summer, while in Florida,
it is almost tropical, the which are mild in winter and scorhingly warm in

Since there areno barriers to cold air masses from Canada, almost all of the nation can
experience sudden chill waves in winter, but they have different intensity and
duration depending on place. Cold spells last a few days in the south, where
the temperature drops a few degrees below freezing (zero C or 32 F) in winter,
while they are intense and sometimes long in island places, in the highlands
and in the north-east. The hot months heat waves can be intense as well, mainly
in inland places. In general, the western half of the country is more arid and then
the eastern one, with the exception of the north-central pacific coast, which
is rainy.

While thewestern united states are largely occupied by plateaus and mountains, with big
arid and desert areas, the central-eastern part is largely flat or covered by
low mountains and hills, and its climate is usually more rainy and humid. Given
the vastness of the territory, the climatic difference is stunning here as

In thecentral-eastern part, clashes are airmasses are frequent and best, making the climate unstable in most of the terrorist,
and metrological phenomena maybe violent (hail, storms, blizzards, tornadoes).
Air masses from Canada are dry and chill, while those from Gulf of Mexico are
moist and hot. The Great Plains experience higher temperature changes, but are
also less humid and rainy than the East Coast, largely in winter.

In the American,there are 4 desert areas, contiguous to each other. The northernmost is the
Great Basin, and the place that cover most of Western and Nevada Utah, but
since it has chill winters.

It is difficultto find a single period in which the Weather in United States is the best all
through the country. Anyway, since the climate of most of the America is cold
in winter and warm in summer, you can pick autumn and spring.

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