Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online



Has it always been your dream to make money online? There are many ways to be your boss and make money at home. We are here to point you in the right direction. Here are the top four ways to make money online.

CPA Marketing

CPA marketing or cost per action marketing is a method for an affiliate to earn a commission on an action completed. Some examples are users entering an email address into a field, signing up to a website, or completing a trial offer. The idea is for publishers to make money and to share a percentage of those earnings with you. CPA networks such as MaxBounty, Peerfly, and CPALead, act as a middleman to bring publishers and affiliates together. Paid advertising, free traffic to your website, and using social media are a few techniques that will allow you to achieve profits with CPA marketing.


Clickbank is another popular way to make money online as an affiliate. This platform is a marketplace that allows publishers to present their products or services in a database to an affiliate, and offer them a percentage of each sale they produce. You can filter search results by the initial sale price, average sale percentage, average rebill total, and by gravity. One massive advantage of Clickbank is many offers include reoccurring payments, allowing you to earn multiple times instead of just a single payment. Similarly to CPA marketing, you can use paid advertising, social media, and free traffic methods to your website to make sales and commissions with Clickbank.

Social Media

Social media made the top four ways to make money online list because there are multiple methods you can use with these platforms to achieve this. So far, we’ve mentioned social media as a method to assist you in earning with CPA marketing and Clickbank. There are additional ways to make money with social media as well. The three most common social media networks for you to make money online with include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can start a social media agency.

You can create a Facebook fan page or Facebook group to generate free traffic to your offers or website. Users in the niche you are in will be attracted to your content, and as it grows, you can make promotional posts and earn commissions with affiliate products or products of your own. Facebook also includes paid traffic that you can use demographics to your advantage and advertise your offers to users that will be interested in what you’re selling.

Instagram is an excellent platform for you to make a niche-focused account for you to earn money online. Similarly to Facebook, you can promote products and offers in your niche by sharing content and making promotional posts on Instagram. As your account gets bigger and smaller accounts see yours as valuable, you can sell shout outs for a fixed amount of money for each.

YouTube offers a unique and incredible advantage to online marketing. The videos you post will be working around the clock for you, producing money on autopilot. You can create a channel specifically for your niche and post videos, including information about your products and sales videos. Place your affiliate link or a link to your website in your description to drive free traffic to your site or offer. Google Adsense is an additional way for you to earn money with your videos, bringing you income with every click of an ad by a user watching your content.


Dropshipping is an effective method of making money online with zero startup costs. With drop shipping, you sell products on platforms such as eBay and Amazon, originating from a wholesaler. You will be finding less expensive products on sites like Alibaba, and placing ads for them with a markup price, producing your profits on each sale. Once someone purchases your product, you order it at a lower cost and have it shipped to your buyer, allowing you to keep the remaining revenue. There’s many courses out there, my favourite is eCom Elites. You can read more about that on the imrhys blog.

CPA marketing, Clickbank, using social media, and dropshipping are the top four ways to make money online. If you don’t have money to invest, or if you do have some startup cash, these methods will assist you in achieving your dream of making money online. So get started, use one these techniques, and start earning your income you’ve always envisioned.

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