Online Quran academy and the traditional system



When the world fell down in the quagmire of ignorance, Allah sent the last Prophet Muhammad SAW to rescue the people. Allah gave him two things to rescue the people. As we know, after the demise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, no Prophet will ever come. We have only two things which can rescue us. First is the holy book of the Quran, and the second is Ahadith of the Prophet SAW.

That is why the learning of the Quran became essential for us. The present age is the age of information technology; the student is getting the education of the Quran through online classes of Quran academy.

Nowadays, the learning of the Quran became easy for us due to the Quran academies. Even, we can learn the Quran from the comfort of our home or office.

The difference between online Quran academy and the traditional system

If one goes back, he can see the traditional system of seminaries and mosques, which were the primary source for learning the Quran in the past. No doubt, some places, still this system is going on due to lack of internet and people’s ignorance. We can easily see there is one teacher controlling 60 or 70 students approximately. Resultantly, the teacher is unable to pay adequate attention to the entire students in one sitting.

On the other hand, Quran academy‘s online classes mostly have 10 or 15 students who are easy to control and give attention to.

In Seminaries and mosques, one has to follow the routine of the class. If you are late or have some other problems thoroughly which you cannot come to class, it means no class. While in an online class of Quran academy, you can enjoy self-paced learning. There is no trouble with a strict schedule. If you are not free at some particular time, tell your coordinator who will adjust you in another schedule.

In the traditional system, it is impossible for one teacher to hold the interactive session of the class of 60 or 70. Neither the amount of time is sufficient, nor is it possible. Therefore, the students have to deprive of the benefits of the interactive session. While in the online Quran academy, it is possible for the teacher to judge the progress of the particular time-period made by the students by an interactive session. Students also have the opportunity to get their problems solved related to the previous classes.

In the traditional system, one cannot find adult students due to a non-flexible schedule because the adult students have to busy throughout the day regarding their extensive needs while it is the fruits of the Quran Academy, which provides enough opportunities to the adult student to learn the Quran.

In the traditional system, the male teacher is available for male and female students. The families, who have an Islamic background, abstain from sending their girls to them. In an online Quran academy, there are different male and female teachers available to make the students learn the Quran.

There are many differences, which distinguish the online Quran academy from the traditional system of learning the Quran.

How to select the best Quran academy?

The choice of the best Quran academy for the student is necessary to learn the Quran thoroughly. There are different forums available for online education of the Quran. It is of utmost importance to select the best academy.

Taking help from the internet

To select the best Quran academy, one can take easily take help from Google. He can check the reviews of the best online Quran academy.

There are different blogs and articles available on the internet, which helps us 40 Dua grading the Quran academy.

Presence of trial classes

The presence of trial classes helps us to measure the effectiveness of the Quran academy. Some forums do not offer trial classes. They are often not providing excellent services.

After taking classes, the student can proceed further by depositing fees.

By checking the given characteristics

One can get help to select the best Quran academy from the given characteristics on the website of the Quran Academy, for example, if the present Quran academy is giving the facility of trial classes. It means that it is giving an opportunity to check the standard of the education given. Trial classes commonly comprise 3 or 5 days.

Similarly, the best Quran academy gives the facility of an interactive session to help the student further after the class. Likewise, If the Quran academy is offering the session of Tajweed learning before learning the Quran, it may be the best option for you.


The holy book of the Quran is the ultimate source of divine instruction, which can help us to lead to paradise. It is sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW to learn the holy Quran and implement it in his life. Information technology has made easy for us to learn the Quran. Quran academy provides an opportunity through online classes of Quran learning. It is obligatory for us to learn the Quran.

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