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Electrical problem require immediate assistance. At Ask a Spark, we don’t waste time in connecting with our client. Reports indicate 25.9% of all 53.4% accidental dwelling fires occur due to faulty appliances and how 46.5% of all 53.4% fires occur due to misuse. Through our video conferencing feature, we aim to avoid the unfortunate circumstance of an accidental fire or electrical shocks. Through Ask A Spark, dealing with loose wires or a circuit tripping is a feasible option, as our round-the-clock engineers are available at the behest of our client. 

Assitance through Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing Feature

Leveraging our wide-spanning experience in handling electrical malfunctions for both residential and commercial environments, we have built a vetted network of professional engineers. Our engineers, following the best practices, assist our clients through our cutting-edge video conferencing feature. Through our extensive experience in managing installations, fault diagnoses, inspections, and conducting tests, we assist our clients to create a safe and secure environment. 

Why Ask a Spark?

We are constantly working towards creating smart and technologically-viable features for our clients, as we prioritise time and our customer’s safety. Through Ask A Spark, our clients will be able to deal with their electrical problem in a safe, timely and affordable manner, without having to wait for a contractor. Differing from the traditional route, we create a virtual network, where our clients can reliably gain assistance from any of our engineers to sort through problems within their residential or commercial spaces. 

Virtual Network – A Perfect Solution

Our flexibility, accurate identification of the problem, and pre-set working standards allow us to create a convenient and safe space for our client’s homes and offices. Following through on UK safety standards, we assure our clients of protecting them against all electrical hazards once brought to our attention. Our team has searched far and wide for the best solution for our customer’s electrical problem, and our virtual network is the perfect solution.


About Company:

At Ask A Spark we have vast experience in the electrical industry spanning both residential and commercial environments. We have a broad range of experience, from installation to fault diagnosis to inspection and testing.

So, When You Need To Ask a Spark, Why Not Ask The Spark, the Sparks Like To Ask?

So when something goes wrong rather than waiting for a possibly expensive callout, you can now get the same expert advice through a live video chat on your smartphone or tablet. Ask A Spark aim to quickly and safely resolve your issue. By combining technology and technical knowledge, we provide a GAME CHANGING instant solution; and if a site visit is needed, we can help there too with our database of registered vetted electrical installers.


Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Jonathan Evans

Company: Ask A Spark


Location: Bedford, United Kingdom


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