4 Lessons from artist SR.Gent about success



  1. Foundation

Foundation is the most important part of any artist’s career according to SR.Gent. He has learned from all of the great musicians before him about how powerful an understanding of the music business is. This foundation consist of both a record label and publishing company for the artist, which will allow them to do all other necessary business. There has always been talented artist and bad recording contracts attached to most, but this is changing as independent artist and labels regain control of their music. This is even more important within the current landscape of the music industry, thus SR.Gent is launching the Independent Grind in the summer of 2020 to help artist navigate this ever changing business.


  1. Network

His latest project Sunshine Paradigm was completely produced, mixed, and mastered by The    Legion. Through this working agreement he was able to secure several credible features for the project. Most notable being grammy award winning artist Constantine. The chain of events was made possible by the constant networking efforts of SR.Gent. Networking is not only essential but now easy than ever, thanks to social media. “If I could give an artist one piece of advice it would be network daily, because you’ll find people to fill in the gaps in your machine”


  1. Patience

5 years ago SR.Gent began recording music and soon realized he had a natural ability for wordplay and melodies. However he also was eager to make a splash onto the quickly changing music scene. Leading to some very costly mistakes as he tried to shortcut the process. This caused him to slow down and learn the business from the ground up. He spoke of how he learned patience through the process and the value of it as he goes forward into his career. “There is nothing that can be taken from an artist it must be giving away”. SR.Gent now ensures that the administration of his music catalog is correct and there is no mishandling of any royalties. “Patience is surely a must for any up and coming artist, because now it’s about brand building and that takes time”.


  1. Build a team

SR.Gent is always speaking to the strengths of his team, and thinks that every artist should have a team they feel the same way about. The idea that any one person is more valuable than another on a team is a foreign concept at LTP INC. “Each member has a role and if any role falls short the entire machine is vulnerable” sometimes artist think they are so talented that they can do it alone, but that’s unrealistic because the most successful artist have the best teams. Find people that you can trust and that who see your vision the rest is persistence.

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