How To Write A creative Essay To Impress Your Reader


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Essay assignments are not supposed to be boring. They should be interesting. Well, your college and university essays need analytical skills. You need to provide arguments that are supported by facts. Still, you can use creativity to make these essays better. Through creativity, you can fully captivate your reader. You know in the end, you want your reader to be wowed by your entertaining essay. 

So, you should write your essay with arguments that are well supported and at the same time make it entertaining. This article can help you learn how to make your essay better. Read on to understand how to do this. However, let us first look at some different types of essays you can improve through creativity. 

Types of essays

  • Descriptive essays

This essay requires describing details. You can write a descriptive essay on any object. Describe how it works or looks or any other detail. Every detail is important. 

  • Cause and effect essays

These essays focus on sequence of events and the results. It requires showing a cause that led to a given result. You must draw a logical connecting between cause and effect. Essay help assists students to make this logical connection leading to a better essay. 

  • Expository essays

An expository essay presents a balanced analysis of a certain topic. The writer focuses on explaining a topic by using statistics, facts, as well as examples, 

  • Narrative essays

In a narrative essay, you write a story either on an imaginary story or of a real event. With this essay, you need to show more not to tell. You should make the study as vivid as possible to involve your reader. Help with my essay can help you write a creative narrative essay that impresses your reader. 

  • Persuasive essays

The purpose of a persuasive essay is convincing a reader to accept a certain point of view. You must build a case using logic, facts, and examples to convince your reader. Sound reasoning and expert opinion also help in writing a good persuasive essay. 

  • Argumentative essays

An argumentative essay requires explaining an opinion as well as the reason why this opinion is right. You may also look at counter-arguments and give reasons why you think they are wrong. The point is getting the reader to agree with you. 

  • Definition essays

These essays tell the reader the meaning of something. This is done in greater depth. Mostly, they are used to discuss abstract topics. 

  • Admission essays

These essays are currently very popular. Students use the essays to compete for admission opportunities into certain programs. You explain why you think you are the fittest to join a program. It involves advertising yourself to emerge the best among other applicants. Most students face difficulties writing these essays. Essay help may be your solution to writing a winning admission essay.

  • Personal essays

These essays resemble admission essays. However, they are less aggressive. You talk about yourself as well as your experiences. The purpose is persuading your reader that you are important in a certain way. 

How to use creative writing to make your essay the best

While writing essays, students should focus on getting high scores. This means that as much as you use facts to prove your idea, you must impress and entertain your reader. Therefore, you need to use a creative essay writer to make your essay better. Here are some of the tips on how you can use creative writing to make your essay better.

1. Know your reader

If you have to write an impressive and entertaining essay, you must first know your reader. This way, you get to know their unique interests. You then tap into this interest to make your essay interesting. For example, let us say your reader is your instructor. What should you do to make the essay interesting? Answer the question effectively. Be unpredictable. Surprise them with an unusual structure or approach. Use correct passages to keep the reader interested.

2. Use three-act structure

This is a creative way of making your essay better. Start with the set-up. This is your introduction. It should be presented in a creative way. For example, you may start with evidence that contradicts a certain theory. You may also consider highlighting a disagreement in how people interpret something. Starting your essay with an inciting incident will keep your reader interested.

After set-up, go to confrontation. Here, develop an argument using evidence. Remember to use facts to support your argument. Then move to resolution. Here, you conclude your essay in a creative way. Summarise the essay with your opinions. Remember you can hire expert essay writers to use this structure to make your essay interesting. 

3. Provide details

Provide as many details as possible in your essay. Otherwise, your essay will be boring and stale with only facts. More details will make the essay interesting and alive. Don’t forget to edit your essay. Rarely will a write get it right with the first draft!

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