Planning For The Big Day



Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes the wedding planning. There are lots of different choices to make in the coming few months, but I know for sure what the most confusing and difficult choice was for my partner and me: the wedding invitations.

We wanted our invitations to be set to a very specific brief, and yet no-one around was able to match what we wanted! We found one particular vendor who seemed to offer everything we wanted, from the paper to the font, but then they told us that we couldn’t have the photo edited as we specified! I still don’t think I understand why not. It seemed like such an arbitrary choice, and yet it still had to be made.

You need a vendor who’ll be able to cut out all the annoying parts of the process and leave you with what you want.

In an ideal world, you want a vendor who’s convenient, as well. Having a vendor who makes the most beautiful invitations in the world isn’t really worth much if you have to climb a mountain every time you want to see them. Instead, you want to make sure that the vendor you choose is easy to get to and do business with.

You also need to ensure that you pick a vendor who doesn’t end up being a hindrance. This sounds fairly basic, but it’s worth repeating. There are many different vendors out there who’d be happy to confuse and befuddle you throughout the process, leaving you to end up with a product that costs much more than you ever thought it would along the way. Instead, you need to seek out a seller who’ll guide you in the most difficult parts, and gently coax you through the more simple choices. The best vendor is one who knows what you want and can help to steer you in that direction from the start.

You also need to make sure that you pick a vendor that offers great customer service. If you’re a little daunted by calling your vendor and asking for a change to the invites, then your vendor isn’t right for you. Making wedding invites is a creative process that requires a back and forth between you and the designer. You need to feel free to specify changes or get in touch if there’s a problem.

In one word, you need to use Mixbook for your wedding invitations with photos.

Mixbook’s two greatest selling points are the convenience and the ease of use that they offer. They’re a superb site that allows you to design your wedding invitations to the exact specification you had in mind, all from the comfort of your own home. It’s a far greater experience to sit with your spouse-to-be and design your wedding invitations over breakfast than it is to be cramped in a small back office with the designer, being hunched over a table, making choices that you don’t fully understand.

Mixbook is also happy to boast world-class customer service, comprised of a team of actual humans who will be perfectly happy to answer any question that you might have and to see to any change that you might want.

To put it simply, designing your wedding invitations with photos online is the way forward. It is much easier than more traditional ways of doing things, plus it’s far more convenient and has superb customer service. Make sure to check them out, and make your big day that much easier.


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